What is the word for the panel on a piano that is in front of the keyboard?


What do I need for a live recording?

What Sound Equipment Do You Need for Live Music?

  1. Microphones. Choosing the right microphone is at the very heart of producing excellent live sound.
  2. Microphone Stands. Just like microphones, mic stands must be well suited to the purpose.
  3. Mixing Boards.
  4. Monitors.
  5. Amps.
  6. Cables for Sound Equipment.
  7. Light Boards.
  8. Live Mixing DAWs.

How do you record live performances?

Record the concert with a steady hand and little movement.

  1. When filming, you’re better off standing in one place away from the crowds rather than trying to move around. You may not find a good spot elsewhere.
  2. For audio recordings, try to keep your recorder above the crowd.


What is the best way to record live music at home?

The Essential Home Recording Studio Equipment

  1. Desk and Office Chair.
  2. Laptop or Desktop Computer.
  3. Digital Audio Workstation.
  4. Microphone / XLR Cable / Mic Stand.
  5. Audio Interface.
  6. Monitors and Headphones.
  7. Acoustic panels.
  8. Diffusers.

What equipment do you need to record gaming videos?

How to Record Gameplay on Windows PC for Beginners

  1. Screen Recording and Editing Software.
  2. Video Capture Card (If Recording Directly from a Gaming Console)
  3. Camera.
  4. Webcam Software.
  5. Headphones.
  6. Microphone.


What is the best way to record live audio?

If your recorder includes a pair of microphone inputs, an approach that’s likely to produce significantly better results is to place a pair of omnidirectional microphones on either side of the stage and above the audience. This will yield a realistic stereo image while capturing both the band and the audience.

How do I set up live recording?

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Step 1: Find a desktop capture tool. First, find a great screen recorder and screen capture tool.
  2. Step 2: Adjust your recording settings.
  3. Step 3: Select an area to record.
  4. Step 4: Hit record.
  5. Step 5: Save and upload.


Do you need permission to perform a song live?

You do not need to personally ask for permission to perform another songwriter’s work at a live show, as concert venues are responsible for obtaining a blanket license from their local PRO(s) to ensure the legal status of songs that are played within their premises.

How do you shoot a live concert?


Quote from video: And there are a lot of things to talk about video to point number. Two. Get full coverage with your cameras. Now a lot of this will depend on how many cameras you’re using to film the concert.


How do I master a live concert recording?

14 Tips to Mix a Better Live Recording

  1. Lean into the bleed.
  2. Ride the vocals, and take it easy on the compression.
  3. Subtractive EQ is more useful than additive EQ.
  4. Multiband compression can be helpful…
  5. Set phase coherence to the drum tracks.
  6. Create a believable stereo image.
  7. It’s OK to reshape drum sounds.


How do live concerts make money?

Ticket Sales

Chances are that most of the revenue you generate from live shows will still come from people paying to see your performance. This can be from tickets sold in advance, paying the cover at the door, suggested donations, or even passing-the-hat.

How do musicians stream live?

Let’s get started.

  1. YouTube Live. The famous video platform, YouTube, is also a great place to start music live streaming, with 30% of people reporting they watch at least one live stream on YouTube weekly.
  2. Twitch Music.
  3. Instagram Live.
  4. 4. Facebook Live.
  5. Twitter Live.
  6. Uscreen.
  7. Livestream.
  8. StageIt.

How do you master an audio recording?

The basic stages of mastering include: 1) prepping and fixing the final mix, 2) bouncing the final mix to a WAV file, 3) enhancing the song with EQ, saturation, compression, stereo widening, and even reverb, 4) compress and limit the track to increase the loudness, and 5) compare it to your reference track.

How do you master live sound?

Top Five Tips for Better Live Sound

  1. Focus On On-Stage Monitoring.
  2. Choose The Right Microphones For The Job.
  3. Turn Off Channels On The Mixing Console When You Don’t Need Them.
  4. Make The Effort To Train Your Ears.
  5. Follow The Golden Rule.


How do you get the best video at a concert?

6 Tips to Photograph Concerts and Fireworks Using Your Phone’s Camera

  1. Turn off the flash. Unless the subject is directly in front of you, your camera’s flash isn’t going to do any good.
  2. Use a tripod.
  3. Move closer instead of zooming in.
  4. Download an app.
  5. Utilize built-in iPhone features for low light.
  6. Use Burst Mode.