The Fate of Barstool Van Talk

What Happened to Barstool Van Talk?

Barstool Van Talk, a late-night television show adapted from the popular sports podcast Pardon My Take, experienced an unexpected and controversial cancellation after just one episode. The show, which aired on ESPN2, featured hosts Dan “Big Cat” Katz and PFT Commenter, known for their humorous and irreverent style of sports commentary.

ESPN Cancels Barstool Van Talk

In a surprising move, ESPN announced the cancellation of Barstool Van Talk shortly after its premiere episode. The show was scheduled to air in a late-night time slot on ESPN2, a platform that was initially seen as a significant opportunity for Barstool Sports to expand its reach and connect with a wider audience.

Adaptation of Pardon My Take

Barstool Van Talk was an adaptation of the immensely popular sports podcast Pardon My Take, which had gained a substantial following for its humorous and unfiltered take on sports news and events. Hosted by Dan “Big Cat” Katz and PFT Commenter, the podcast had established a loyal fan base that eagerly anticipated the television adaptation.

Surprising Cancellation

The cancellation of Barstool Van Talk came as a shock to many, including the show’s executive producer, Michael Davies. Davies expressed his surprise and disappointment at the situation, noting that it was one of the most unexpected developments in his career. The decision to cancel the show seemed to be influenced by external factors beyond the production team’s control.

Controversy Surrounding Barstool

Barstool Sports, the media company behind Barstool Van Talk, has been the subject of controversy due to its content and treatment of certain individuals. In particular, ESPN host Sam Ponder criticized Barstool Sports for offensive comments made on the Barstool blog, including derogatory remarks about Ponder herself. This controversy may have played a role in ESPN’s decision to cancel the show.

Approval of Content

It is worth noting that ESPN initially approved the content of Barstool Van Talk before its premiere. However, the controversy surrounding Barstool Sports and the offensive comments from its blog raised questions about ESPN’s association with the media company. ESPN’s attempt to distance itself from the controversial aspects of Barstool Sports proved to be a miscalculation.

Disappointment from Hosts

Following the cancellation, Dan “Big Cat” Katz, PFT Commenter, and producer Henry Lockwood expressed their disappointment with the outcome. Despite the show’s brief run, the hosts had a positive experience working on Barstool Van Talk and believed in its potential to succeed. The cancellation left them with a sense of regret and the feeling that the show’s full potential was never realized.


The cancellation of Barstool Van Talk after just one episode was a surprising and controversial event. The show’s adaptation from the popular podcast Pardon My Take held promise, but it faced challenges due to the controversy surrounding Barstool Sports and ESPN’s association with it. The disappointment expressed by the hosts and the unexpected nature of the cancellation underscore the complexities and risks involved in bringing unconventional sports content to mainstream television.




What is Barstool Van Talk?

Barstool Van Talk was a television show that aired on ESPN2. It featured Barstool Sports personalities Dan “Big Cat” Katz and PFT Commenter as hosts. The show followed their adventures as they traveled the country in a van, interviewing athletes and fans and providing their unique take on sports and pop culture.

Why was Barstool Van Talk canceled?

Barstool Van Talk was canceled after just one episode due to controversy and backlash surrounding Barstool Sports’ content and the company’s history. Some viewers and critics raised concerns about the company’s treatment of women and its promotion of a “bro” culture, which clashed with ESPN’s brand and values. The cancellation was seen as a response to the negative feedback and pressure from advertisers and advocacy groups.

What was the reaction to the cancellation of Barstool Van Talk?

The cancellation of Barstool Van Talk sparked a mixed reaction. Supporters of Barstool Sports were disappointed and viewed it as a result of ESPN caving in to outside pressure. They praised the show’s hosts and content for their humor and unique perspective. On the other hand, critics of Barstool Sports celebrated the cancellation, citing concerns about the company’s controversial history and treatment of women. The controversy surrounding the cancellation ignited a broader discussion about the intersection of sports, media, and culture.

Did Barstool Sports face any other controversies?

Yes, Barstool Sports has faced several controversies over the years. The company has been criticized for its sexist and misogynistic content, which has led to public backlash and the loss of partnerships with brands. Barstool Sports and its founder, Dave Portnoy, have been accused of fostering a toxic and hostile work environment, and there have been allegations of harassment and inappropriate behavior by some of its employees. These controversies have generated ongoing debates about the boundaries of free speech, the treatment of women in sports media, and the responsibility of media companies to address problematic content.