What happened to DTTX of lighter shade of brown?

According to the Clark County coroner, Ramirez died from heatstroke, with exposure as a contributing factor.

What happened to Teardrop from Lighter Shade of Brown?

Bobby Ramirez — best known as rapper DTTX from A Lighter Shade of Brown — died Monday afternoon after lying in a coma for 11 days. Ramirez was found unresponsive July 7th on a scorching Vegas street. His family tells us when paramedics found him, his body temperature was 107 degrees and he had severe burns.

What happened to Bobby Ramirez Lighter Shade of Brown?

Bobby Ramirez, of the Riverside-based group, A Lighter Shade of Brown, died Monday, July 18. He was 46.

Is lighter shade of brown alive?

Robert ‘ODM’ Gutierrez is still an on-air personality at 99.1 KGGI FM and a YouTube personality. He continues to make new music to this day and still performs, keeping the legacy of LSOB alive.

Who passed away from Lighter Shade of Brown?

Bobby Ramirez, best known as DTTX from A Lighter Shade of Brown, died in July from heatstroke with exposure as a contributing factor.

How old is ODM from Lighter Shade of Brown?

He was 46. Robert Gutierrez, also known as ODM, does his radio show at 99.1 KGGI in Riverside on Tuesday, July 26. He is the surviving member of the group Lighter Shade of Brown. The passing of Bobby Ramirez, one of the two members of the group, has sparked memories of their impact.

What happened to Bobby Brown’s friend Jimmy?

In 1981, his best friend Jimmy Flint was fatally stabbed right in front of him after confronting a guy outside a party who was trying to steal his bike (the bike itself one of a pair Jimmy and Bobby had stolen hours beforehand).

Did Bobby Brown lose a child?

Out of those seven, Bobby Jr. lost his life to an accidental overdose and Bobbi Kristina Brown died from Lobar Pneumonia. She had been discovered unconscious in a bathtub, following which she slipped into a six-month long coma, which ended in the Lobar Pneumonia diagnosis.

When did Lighter Shade of Brown come out?

It was released on November 18, 1997 through Greenside/Thump Records. Production was handled by Ali Malek, Jammin’ James Carter and Lev Berlak, with Andy Herrara and Antonio Mendoza as executive producers. It features guest appearances from Shiro, D’wayne Wiggins, Rappin’ 4-Tay and Teardrop.

Is lighter shade of brown Mexican?

Lighter Shade Of Brown (LSOB) was formed in Riverside, California by ODM (One Dope Mexican, born Robert Gutierrez) and DTTX (Don’t Try To Xerox, born Bobby Ramirez). Their debut album was titled Brown And Proud and it was released in 1990.