What happened to Ron Lester?

In September 2015, Lester was hospitalized due to issues with his liver and kidneys. In June 2016, he was reported to be in critical condition and in hospice care. At 9:00 PM on June 17, 2016, Lester died of liver and kidney failure shortly after his family requested that he be taken off life support.

What happened to the actor who played Billy Bob in Varsity Blues?

Actor Ron Lester, who portrayed Billy Bob in the 1999 football film Varsity Blues, died Friday at a Dallas hospital following liver and kidney failure. He was 45.
Jun 18, 2016

How much weight did Ron Lester lose?

Weighing more than 500 pounds, the actor underwent gastric bypass surgery in December 2000, during which he flatlined on the operating table, according to an interview with Grantland in 2014. Lester recovered and ultimately lost more than 300 pounds.
Jun 18, 2016

Where is Billy Bob now?

He is married and lives in New York City. Billy Bob Thornton was in his 40s when Sling Blade (1996) catapulted him to fame with an Oscar nomination for Best Actor and a win for Best Adapted Screenplay.
Jul 22, 2022

Is Varsity Blues Based on a true story?

Gripping true story behind Netflix’s Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal. Everything you need to know about the 2019 college admissions bribery scandal featured in the Operation Varsity Blues.
Mar 18, 2021

Was Varsity Blues a rip?

who struggled with obesity throughout his life, died. Friday in Dallas. He was 45.
Jun 18, 2016

What happened Bruch Willis?

In the later years of his career, Willis starred in many low-budget direct-to-video films, which were poorly received. In March 2022, Willis’s family announced that he was retiring after being diagnosed with aphasia, which affects language cognition.

How old was Ron Lester when he died?

At 9:00 PM on June 17, 2016, Lester died of liver and kidney failure shortly after his family requested that he be taken off life support. He was 45 years old.

What was wrong with Billy Bob in Varsity Blues?

Ron Lester Billy Bob from ‘Varsity Blues’ Critical Condition

Multiple people connected to Lester tell us he’s been there for roughly 4 months and his health has been in a steady decline. Lester had revealed he was hospitalized back in November due to liver issues. We’re told there were also problems with his kidneys.
Jun 17, 2016

How much weight did Billy Gardell lose and how did he do it?

Billy Gardell was 350 pounds overweight when he began his weight loss journey. During that time, he lost 140 pounds, or 64 kilograms, of weight. The current weight of Billy Gardell is about 210 pounds. With his efforts and daily exercises he started with weight loss.
Nov 21, 2022

What does Billy Crystal do now?

Billy Crystal is currently starring on Broadway in Mr. Saturday Night, the musical stage adaptation of his 1992 film of the same name. Dave Quinn is an Editor for PEOPLE, working across a number of verticals including the Entertainment, Lifestyle and News teams.
Jul 8, 2022

What happened to Kilmer in Varsity Blues?

In a voice-over epilogue, Mox recounts several characters’ aftermaths: Kilmer left town and never coached again, but his statue still remained due to its weight; after the game, Tweeder drank beer and Billy Bob cried in celebration; Lance became a successful football coach, Wendell received a football scholarship to

What’s Billy Crystal doing?

Quote from video: Starting march 1st he'll be doing seven shows a week on broadway in mr saturday. Night a musical based on his 1992.

Did Billy Bob have a concussion?

Ignoring concussions – Late into the first game shown in the film, star lineman Billy Bob gets concussed and should leave the game because of it. The head coach Bud Kilmer is quick to put him back in and completely ignored it.
Dec 6, 2020

Is West Canaan Texas real?

Set in the fictional West Canaan, Texas, the movie tells the story of Jonathan “Mox” Moxon, a backup high school quarterback thrust into the position of carrying his team and town’s state championship dreams on his back.
Jan 18, 2019

What is Billy Bob Thornton afraid of?

TRANSFIXED: You’d think a guy like Billy Bob Thornton wouldn’t be afraid of much — but you’d be wrong. Along with a few other phobias, his biggest fear is apparently the komodo dragon, according to the New York Post, which got a sneak peek at Thornton’s new Playboy interview.
Mar 26, 2003