What happens at the end of Big Love?

In the final episode, family patriarch Bill — who has already weathered extortion plots, an affair, an exile and an election — is shot and killed by a crazed neighbor. It’s an unexpected plot twist, says Olsen, and one that was designed to have Bill leave the show as a hero.

Who does Ben end up with in Big Love?

Big Love concluded its five-season run last night, with a bang and then a whimper. The closing moments of the show addressed pretty much every plot thread from the last season, but in a way so pat it took some of the fun out of the finale. Heather married Ben in spite of his naming a star after her.

What happens to Alby at the end of Big Love?

Here’s a rundown of the bare basics of where things stand at the end of the series: Alby is in jail, presumably on his way to prison – for murder, human trafficking, and countless other crimes. Bill was arrested and spent two days in jail. He was on the verge of being formally charged with statutory rape.

What happens to Margene Big Love?

At the end of the season, following Bill’s death, Margene is revealed to be spending most of her time doing humanitarian work overseas, returning only for important family occasions.

Why did Bella Thorne leave Big Love?

The Actor Bella Thorne Replaced in ‘Big Love’ Left Hollywood After She Was Fired. Child stars usually have a small window of time before they are no longer considered for roles requiring children.

Who does Sarah in Big Love end up with?


Sarah doesn’t return to the fifth season as regular, but returns in the series finale in the last scene of the show. Her appearance was shown 11 months after Bill dies. She and Scott are still married and they have a baby named Bill (in honor of her father).

Do Ben and Alice end up together?

In the episode Caught in a Trap, Henry comes over to Ben’s house and announces that he will be joining the army. Alice proclaims her love for him and offers to let him sleep with her before he has to leave. They announce they are back together in the series finale.

Does Bill get a fourth wife?

Branka Katić as Ana Mesovich– Bill’s fourth wife. She and Bill marry, then she divorces the family. Jolean Wejbe (replaced by Bella Thorne for Season 4) as Tancy “Teenie” Henrickson – Bill and Barb’s younger daughter.

Do Adrian and Ben stay married?

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What happens to Roman in Big Love?

Roman was involved in the death of Kathy Marquardt, and as a result was killed by her fiancee Joey Henrickson in the final episode of season three. Joey waited for Roman in a closet in Roman’s home and as Roman played the guitar, Joey emerged and then suffocated him with a pillow.

Does Bill marry Ana on Big Love?

Bill marries Ana, but it is short-lived, as she divorces the family within a matter of days.

What happens to Rhonda on Big Love?

Bill finds Rhonda at the Butt Hutt with Franky and convinces her to leave town, warning her that if she testifies in Roman’s criminal case, his family will be called to impeach her character and she’ll lose any chance at a civil case against Roman as well.