What happens in Cry the Beloved Country?

What happens at the end of Cry, the Beloved Country?

At the end of Cry, the Beloved Country, Reverend Stephen Kumalo’s son, Absalom, is executed for the murder of Arthur Jarvis. The night before the execution, Stephen climbs up the mountain outside his village. He sleeps on the mountain and wakes just before the dawn.

What is the plot in Cry, the Beloved Country?

It tells the story of a father’s journey from rural South Africa to and through the city of Johannesburg in search of his son. The reader cannot help but feel deeply for the central character, a Zulu pastor, Stephen Kumalo, and the tortuous discoveries he makes in Johannesburg.

Who was murdered in Cry, the Beloved Country?

Bad News Comes to Kumalo

Absalom is involved in the murder of the white engineer Arthur Jarvis. The young man tells Kumalo that Absalom and two others, including John’s son, robbed Jarvis’s house. Kumalo learns that Absalom fired the shot that killed the man.

What is the main conflict in Cry, the Beloved Country?

In Cry, the Beloved Country, one of the central plot elements is Absalom’s crime and the trial that comes from it. Absalom is up against the justice system as he fights the charges against him. He is unsuccessful and found guilty, and the Person vs. Society conflict is resolved with Absalom’s execution.

Was Absalom killed in Cry, the Beloved Country?

In Cry, the Beloved Country, Absalom Kumalo is a young man who commits murder and is later hanged for the crime. He is also Stephen Kumalo’s (the main character) son.

Where did Jarvis go Cry, the Beloved Country?


He goes to stay with his son’s in-laws, the Harrisons, in Johannesburg, where he learns that Arthur had become a leader in the community, valued by people from all racial groups for his speeches on social justice. Jarvis here realizes that his son had become a stranger to him.

What happens to Gertrude at the end of the novel?

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Why does Cry, the Beloved Country end at sunrise?

Answer and Explanation: The sunrise represents two things in Cry, the Beloved Country: Absalom’s death and the rebirth of Ndotsheni. Since Absalom was sentenced to hang at dawn, Stephen is able to mark the moment when his son dies.

Why did Gertrude leave in Cry, the Beloved Country?

Stephen Kumalo’s sister Gertrude was on just that kind of path in Alan Paton’s Cry, the Beloved Country. Gertrude’s poor choices led her to work as a prostitute, and to be arrested for brewing liquor. Fortunately, Kumalo was able to find her and convince her to leave that part of her life.

What happens in chapter 33 of Cry, the Beloved Country?

In Chapter 33 of Cry, the Beloved Country, the young boy visits Kumalo in order to practice Zulu. Kumalo’s wife is intimated by the boy, uncomfortable because her son killed the boy’s dad. The boy leaves just as his grandfather James Jarvis comes through, bringing an agricultural demonstrator to Kumalo’s house.

What is Chapter 13 about in Cry, the Beloved Country?

Summary — Chapter 13

Kumalo and Msimangu travel to Ezenzeleni, a colony where white South Africans care for blind black South Africans. Msimangu has work to do here, so Kumalo sits by himself for some time and meditates.

What happens in chapter 32 of Cry, the Beloved Country?

In Chapter 32 of Cry, the Beloved Country, Kumalo receives a letter from his son, a letter from Mismangu and a letter from the Lawyer. He reads them and finds out that there will be no mercy for his son and that his execution will happen in about two weeks. The letter from his son says that he is being treated well.