What is a cume rating?

Cume is short for “cumulative audience.” It is the number of different persons who listen to a station for at least five minutes during any time period. Some members of your cume. (They agree to listen to your station.) Cumes may not be added across Dayparts or Stations.

Is reach the same as cume?

It is an unduplicated or cumulative audience. Also referred to as CUME. Reach is calculated directly by the computer from the diaries. on location broadcast.

What is a P1 radio listener?

Those who tune in the most can drive the greatest share of ratings. One effective gauge of a radio station’s success is the number of “P1” listeners—people who listen to that station more than any other.

What is a share in radio ratings?

Share is the percentage of those listening to radio in an Arbitron “market” (typically a metropolitan area) who are listening to a particular radio station.

How is radio listenership calculated?

The average number of people who listened to radio during an average minute within a specified time period. AMA is also called DUPLICATED AUDIENCE. This is because AMA is determined by adding the total number of listeners in each minute and dividing by the number of minutes in the daypart.

What is the meaning of CUME?

cumulative audience

Meaning of cume in English
cumulative audience : A cume rating is the broadcast equivalent of a newspaper’s circulation.