What is a Hottentot apron?

What is labial hypertrophy?

Labial hypertrophy is a harmless condition in which one or both sides of the labia grow to larger sizes. The cause of labial hypertrophy is unclear. Having larger than normal labia isn’t dangerous, though it may cause pain or chronic infections.

What causes large labial folds?

Genetics: Some people are born with large or differently shaped labia. Hormonal events: The labia may change in size during puberty2 or after childbirth. Aging: Changes over time may lead to labial hypertrophy. Restrictive clothing: Regularly wearing clothing that’s tight against the labia can lead to changes.

What is the importance of pulling Labias?

Benefits, drawbacks, and medical issues. Elongated labia are perceived to facilitate orgasm and female ejaculation, and are considered to enhance sexual pleasure for both partners. Women who have unequally long labia may increase the size of the shorter to achieve symmetry.

How do I know if I have labial hypertrophy?

Symptoms & Types
Visibly larger labia. Irritation, discomfort or pain in the crotch area when wearing tight clothing such as bathing suits or tights. A “bulge” in a girl’s underwear or swimsuit. Chronic vaginal yeast infections.

How do you get rid of labial hypertrophy?

Your doctor may recommend a surgery called a labioplasty for severe labial hypertrophy. During a labioplasty, a surgeon removes excess tissue. They can reduce the size of the labia and reshape it. This surgery usually requires general anesthesia, although it can sometimes be done with sedation and a local anesthetic.

How can I get rid of labial hypertrophy without surgery?

If you want a non-surgical solution…
Radiofrequency (RF) technology is clinically proven to heat and tighten vulvar tissue, causing the labia to shrink without incisions or prolonged downtime.

How common is labial hypertrophy?

There is nothing wrong with having elongated labia minora — around 50% of women have labia minora longer than their labia majora. Even if your vaginal lips are longer than 10 centimeters or wider than 5 centimeters, it still doesn’t mean that your large labia is abnormal.