What is a package in broadcasting?

A radio package is a pre-recorded report which features interviews and sound effects. Like any news report, it should cover the most important elements of a story. A well-written package will grab the listener’s attention and tell the story in an entertaining and creative way.

What is the news package?

A news package efficiently provides broadcast outlets with access to your story through visuals, graphics and soundbites.

What are the elements that make a news package?

Packaging – putting it all together

  • Understand – the story and the pictures you will need to tell it.
  • Capture – action, emotion, atmosphere, editing shots.
  • Discuss – agree the treatment with your editor.
  • Edit – use pictures to tell the story.
  • Script – add as few words as possible to complement the pictures.

How do you write a good news package?

The Script

  1. Separate the script into two columns.
  2. Choose sound bytes that are emotional, provide an interesting opinion, or help your story along.
  3. Write voice-overs that you, the reporter, will say to push the story along.
  4. Weave sound bytes and voice-overs together to create a cohesive audio section to your story.