What is a responding variables?

A responding variable is a variable that the researcher predicts will change if the manipulated variable changes. A responding variable is also called a dependent variable. 

What is a responding variable?

Responding Variable: The variable that might change because of what the scientist changes – what is being measured. Variables. There are 2 main types of variables: Manipulated Variable: The variable that is changed by the scientist; the ‘I control’ variable.

What is a response variable example?

A response variable is the variable about which a researcher is asking a specific question. In our example, the variable was how much Halloween candy you collected. The response variable can be affected by many different factors, known as explanatory variables.

What is a dependent responding variable example?

It is something that depends on other factors. For example, a test score could be a dependent variable because it could change depending on several factors such as how much you studied, how much sleep you got the night before you took the test, or even how hungry you were when you took it.