What is Blumler and Katz theory?

What is the main idea of uses and gratifications theory?

The Uses and Gratifications Theory is a Mass Communication theory that focuses on the needs, motives and gratifications of media users. The theory states that media consumers are passive consumers of mass communications; rather, they play an active role in media consumption.

What is Blumler and Katz gratification theory?

Explanation of Theory:

Blumler and Katz’s uses and gratification theory suggests that media users play an active role in choosing and using the media. Users take an active part in the communication process and are goal oriented in their media use.

What is the Bulmer and Katz theory?

Blumler and Katz argued that different people could use the same communication message for different purposes. The same media content may gratify different needs for different individuals. This theory suggests that media has no power over audiences.

Who is Katz and Blumler?

Katz and Jay G. Blumler played a major role in the research of media uses and gratifications as editors of The Uses of Mass Communication: Current Perspectives on Gratifications Research (1974).

What are the five assumptions of uses and gratification theory?

Five Assumptions

Media use is motivated and goal-oriented. People always have a reason for consuming media, even if it’s simply habit or entertainment. People select media based on their expectation that it will satisfy specific wants and needs. Media use is driven by individual social and psychological factors.

Who present uses and gratification theory?

Coined in the early 1940s by Katz and Blumler (1974), the uses and gratifications theory deals with understanding why people use certain types of media, what needs do they have to use them, and what gratifications do they get from using them.

What are the examples of gratification?

6 Examples of Instant Gratification

  • The urge to indulge in a high-calorie treat instead of a snack that will contribute to good health.
  • The desire to hit snooze instead of getting up early to exercise.
  • The temptation to go out for drinks with your friends instead of finishing a paper or studying for an exam.

What is the uses and gratifications theory quizlet?

Theory that says that people are active in choosing and using particular media to satisfy specific needs, emphasizing a limited effects model because of choice and control of the audience and because people are self-aware.

What is UGT based on?

UGT discusses how users deliberately choose media that will satisfy given needs and allow one to enhance knowledge, relaxation, social interactions/companionship, diversion, or escape. It assumes that audience members are not passive consumers of media.

What are the uses and gratifications of social media?

The ten uses and gratifications are: social interaction, information seeking, pass time, entertainment, relaxation, communicatory utility, convenience utility, expression of opinion, information sharing, and surveillance/knowledge about others. Research limitations/implications – Limitations are small sample size.