What is David’s mom name in the Chrysalids?

Emily Strorm As Joseph’s loyal wife, she is also devoutly religious. Emily is submissive to her husband: no matter what attitude her husband takes, she’ll follow blindly. In fact, when her son David is punished by his father, Emily just retreats and does nothing to defend or care for her son.

What is Sophie’s mother’s name in The Chrysalids?


Wender is Sophie’s mother. While she cannot communicate telepathically, David is able to read her feelings before she communicates them out loud. Mark is another telepath.

Is there a Chrysalids movie?

It’s scheduled for release on January 25, 2019 by 20th Century Fox and Roadside Attractions.
The Chrysalids (film)

The Chrysalids
Countries United States United Kingdom
Language English
Budget $100 million

Who killed Alan in The Chrysalids?

Uncle Axel

Uncle Axel kills Alan when he learns that Alan knows about David and the other telepath’s abilities.

What happened to Sophie’s parents in The Chrysalids?

David does not explain what happened to Sophie’s parents. She and her parents are caught trying to escape Waknuk, and she is brought back to town to be sterilized. Her parents are not with her. It is unclear whether Sophie and her parents were separated or if Martie and John died trying to protect their daughter.

What happens to Sophie in The Chrysalids?

When David leaves Waknuk years later, Sophie helps Petra and Rosalind escape from Gordon’s camp, and provides them and David with shelter in her cave. She loves Gordon and dies while fleeing with him from the battle between the Waknukians and the Fringe people.

How old is Petra in The Chrysalids?

eight years old

Petra is eight years old during the main part of The Chrysalids. Because she is so young and so powerful, she has difficulty concealing her abilities.

Who is Jacob in The Chrysalids?

Old Jacob is a very traditional character, very strong minded but not quite as vicious of a character as Joseph Strorm. He believes in the laws and guidelines of Waknuk. Old Jacob is upset over his poor crops. He claims bad deviations are”a judgement and they deserve.

What type of character is David in The Chrysalids?

David, the protagonist of the story and a telepath, is supported by the audience for showing his bravery in attempting to escape, but there is more to David that makes him an agreeable character.

Who is Gordon in The Chrysalids?

Gordon resembles his brother, Joseph, except that Gordon has extremely long arms and legs. At one point he is described as “the spidery man.” As a result, he was banished from Waknuk and cast out into the Fringes.