What is Killer Joe about?

Killer Joe is known as a cop who sometimes hires out as a contract killer. His services are mentioned to Chris Smith (Emile Hirsch), a witless young man who desperately needs to find money to pay drug dealers before they kill him.

What was Joe guilty of in the movie?

Joe ends the film by calling back the reporter and we learn that Joe pleads guilty to manslaughter, despite other conversations indicating that he would fight to be acquitted at his trial.

What was the crime Joe committed the guilty?

In part to deescalate the situation, Joe finally reveals what he did: He shot a 19-year-old man while on duty. “I wanted to punish him because I was angry. He hurt someone,” he says. In the end, Emily comes down from the overpass, saying she wants to be with Oliver, who is hospitalized but expected to live.

Who is Joe the Cannibal?

Joseph Roy “Joe” Metheny (March 2, 1955 – August 5, 2017) was an American serial killer and rapist from the Baltimore, Maryland area. While he claimed to have killed 13 people, sufficient evidence was only found to convict him of two murders.

Is Joe a real person?

Joe In ‘Live By Night’ Isn’t Based On A Real Person, But Ben Affleck’s Character Has A Life On The Page.