What is Maori for Hello?

How do you say hello in Māori?


  1. Kia ora – Hello.
  2. Morena – Good morning.
  3. Tēnā koe – Hello (more formal than kia ora)
  4. Kia ora kōrua – Hello to two people.
  5. Kia ora tātou/kia ora koutou – Hello everyone.
  6. Tēnā koutou – Greetings to you (said to three or more people)
  7. Nau mai, haere mai – Welcome.
  8. Kei te pēhea koe? – How’s it going?

What does Tena koutou katoa?

Tēnā koutou katoa, I greet you with a traditional welcome in Te Reo Māori, one of New Zealand’s three official languages.

How do New Zealanders say hello?

Kia ora” (Key-or-rah) is an informal greeting for “hello” and “thank you”, and can also be a form of acknowledgement.

What is Noho ora mai?

Noho ora mai – All the best.

Why do Māori say Tena koutou 3 times?

As well as being used as a greeting, kia ora is also a general expression of appreciation. Tēnā koe (to one person), tēnā kōrua (to two people), or tēnā koutou (to three or more people) also means thank you in Māori.

What is Nga mihi nui?

The English translation is : Greetings to all.

What does Nga mihi meaning?

Ngā mihi (Congratulations, regards, thank you)

How do you introduce yourself in Māori?

Quote from video: Introduce yourself intel maori it's simple all it is is your name where your ancestors come from and where you. Live.

What does Ka kite ano?

Ka Kite Ano (See you tomorrow)

Although this is generally remarked as incorrect usage, ‘ka kite ano’ is commonly said by local TV presenters and newscasters when bidding goodbye to their viewers.

What is Ka Pai mean?

Well done

Ka pai – Well done, or good.

What is the meaning of Ka kite?

someone you will see again

Ka kite anō

A friendly, informal way to say goodbye to someone you will see again, and sometimes shortened to just ka kite.