What is ritualistic communication?

Ritual Communication examines how people create and express meaning through verbal and non-verbal ritual. Ritual communication extends beyond collective religious expression.

What is ritual model of communication?

The ritual view of communication is a communications theory proposed by James W. Carey, wherein communication–the construction of a symbolic reality–represents, maintains, adapts, and shares the beliefs of a society in time.

What is an example of ritual communication?

For example, Twitter involves both sharing and participation, by way of “tweets”, and association and fellowship, by way of “following”. At the same time, Twitter users engage in a somewhat ritualized way through the act of “following” particular organizations, individuals, or interests.

Why is ritual communication important in the society?

Thinking of communication as ritual is a useful theoretical strategy because it draws our attention toward the social consequences of communication. Thinking of communication as ritual reminds us, finally, of the importance of communication in moral life, of our roles in life as moral agents.