What is Stickley furniture?

What style of furniture is Stickley?

In 1898, Gustav formed the Gustav Stickley Company. He formed United Crafts in 1901 and Craftsman Workshops in 1904. While Gustav’s initial designs catered more toward the Art Nouveau style, he eventually simplified and bulked up his designs to create the Mission style by 1900.

Is Stickley furniture valuable?

Stickley furniture has an unprecedented resale value, and the Stickley brand is particularly sought after by antique dealers for the high resale value that the products have.

How can you tell if furniture is Stickley?

Look for a shop mark by any one of the Stickley companies. Many of the marks include a joiner’s compass shaped like an “A” with points on the ends of the two legs, the Flemish phrase — “Als ik kan” — translated as “to the best of my ability,” with the furniture maker’s signature beneath, usually Gustav Stickley.

Is Stickley solid wood?

It is made from solid boards of the same species placed side-by-side and glued to create a table top, dresser top, side panels, etc. Stickley uses the widest boards possible, in fairly even widths, with well-matched grain patterns for the most appealing furniture.

Who owns Stickley furniture?

and J.G. Stickley, Inc. is a manufacturer and marketer of premium solid wood furniture. Privately owned by the Audi family since 1974, the company now operates a facility greater than 400,000 square feet in Manlius, New York, an upholstery plant in North Carolina, and six retail showrooms in New York and Connecticut.

What finish does Stickley use?

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What is the difference between mission style and Craftsman style?

Arts & Crafts Furniture is Craftsman Furniture built slightly lighter and with a little more flair. Mission Furniture is Craftsman Furniture built lighter and with the simplistic design concept taken to the point of being austere.

What type of wood is used in mission style furniture?

Characteristics of Mission Style Furniture

The style is focused around the simplicity of both materials and design. Though it was traditionally made with oak wood, the use of cherry, maple, walnut, and ash wood has become increasingly popular. Our furniture is created primarily from oak or cherry wood.

What is Gustav Stickley known for?

Gustav Stickley (March 9, 1858 – April 15, 1942) was an American furniture manufacturer, design leader, publisher, and a leading voice in the American Arts and Crafts movement. Stickley’s design philosophy was a major influence on American Craftsman architecture.