What is the AF button on my radio?

The function automatically selects the best frequency for the set radio station and can be activated for FM radio. In order to find the best frequency the function may, in exceptional cases, need to search the entire FM wavelength.

What does AF mean on radio?

audio frequency

AF (audio frequency) (also abbreviated af or a.f.) refers to alternating current ( AC ) having a frequency such that, if applied to a transducer such as a loudspeaker or headset, will produce acoustic waves within the range of human hearing. The AF range is generally considered to be from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

What’s AF in a car radio?

Alternative frequency (or AF) is an option that allows a receiver to re-tune to a different frequency that provides the same station, when the first signal becomes too weak (e.g. when moving out of range).

How do I turn off the AF radio?

Quote from video: Now we can switch it off.

What does no AF mean on radio?

AF is alternate frequencies. This allows the tuner to re-tune to a different frequency providing the same station when the first signal becomes too weak. TA is for travel announcements / traffic program. Where available, some stations broadcast a digital “flag” along with any important travel announcements.

What does AF and TA mean on a car radio?

Alternative Frequencies (AF) continuously retune the station to the strongest signal in a network, and Traffic Announcement (TA) provides current traffic information or traffic programs (TP) if received.

What is AF and RF signal?

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What is an AF amp?

AF amplifiers are audio frequency amplifiers. They increase the amplitude of waves that we can listen. 20Hz to 20kHz. These are widely used in speakers, microphones, earphones, etc (almost any electronic device that you can hear)

What does lit AF mean?

Calling something Lit or Lit AF means it is exciting and much more.

What does engaged AF mean?

It denotes something being ‘very’ or ‘extreme. For example, if one studies all night for exams they would proclaim, “I’m tired AF.” This sign is for a party celebrating a woman or couple who is young and proudly engaged… AF.

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