What is the importance of experiment?

Experiment plays many roles in science. One of its important roles is to test theories and to provide the basis for scientific knowledge. It can also call for a new theory, either by showing that an accepted theory is incorrect, or by exhibiting a new phenomenon that is in need of explanation.5 окт. 1998 

Why is it important to experiment?

Experimentation helps us to make more informed decisions about our ideas and projects. A common mistake is that people take their idea and run with it without testing the assumptions behind the concept. We think we know, but quite often we don’t know, we just assume.

Why is experiment important in research?

Scientific experimentation helps to determine the nature of the relationship between independent and dependent variables. While it is often difficult, or sometimes impossible, to manipulate a single variable in an experiment, scientists often work to minimize the number of variables being manipulated.

Why are experiments important for students?

Experiments can be used to introduce new ideas or to clarify puzzling aspects of topics with which students typically struggle. If the result of an experiment is surprising yet convincing, students are in position to build ownership of the new idea and use it to scaffold learning.