What is the purpose of The Negro Speaks of Rivers?

“The Negro Speaks of Rivers” connects the soul and heritage of the African-American community to four great rivers in the Middle East, Africa, and America. In this way, the poem charts the journey of African and African-Americans and links this community to the birth of civilization.

What is the main idea of the poem The Negro Speaks of Rivers?

Blackness, Perseverance, and Cultural Identity. “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” stretches from the earliest moments of human civilization all the way to American slavery, emphasizing that black people have both witnessed and participated in the key moments of human history.

What is the mood of the poem The Negro Speaks of Rivers?

It’s filled with deep passion of history and the spirit of those African Americans who’ve thrived for peace, and died for the betterment of tomorrow. Reading this poem though it be short in length, I was inspired by the metaphors and symbolism Hughes used.

What do you think it means to have a soul that is deep as rivers?

When the speaker says that his soul is deep like the rivers, he is saying that because of this connection his soul has with the earth, he thrives and can understand it.

What is the purpose of the poem Africa by David Diop?

”Africa” is one of Diop’s most famous poems in which he explores the history of colonialism in Africa and expresses hope for a postcolonial Africa. The bitter taste of liberty.

What does the poet use rivers to symbolize?

In “The Negro Speaks of Rivers”, the river stands as a symbol of endlessness, geographical awareness, and the epitome of the human soul. Hughes uses the literary elements of repetition and simile to paint the river as a symbol of timelessness. This is evident in the first two lines of the poem.

What is the irony of the poem a river?

Both the old and the new poets have celebrated the beauty of the flooded riverbut they were not alive to or sympathetic with human suffering caused by the monstrous flood. This is an ironic reference to Madurai as a seat of Tamilian culture, which according to him is in a state of decadence.

What is the symbolism of I hear leaves drinking rain?


metaphorical meanings of upper leaves of the tree which get the rain drops and quench their thirst first. Afterwards they pass-on the drops to the lower leaves. These metaphors mean that the rich get a golden chance first and whatever remains, trickle down to the poor.

What is the mood of the poem by the stream?

The entire poem holds a nostalgic and even bitter mood in which the reader is forced to contemplate alongside the voice that Dunbar has created. Dunbar’s work is heavy in the use of similes and imagery.

What is the mood of the poem drought?

It is a sad, poetic piece and explicitly depicts the painful situation draught created in the surroundings.