What is the theme of the lottery Rose?

Forgiveness. All of Lottery Rose can be seen as a story of forgiveness. A couple of characters use the novel as a journey. They grow into more responsible, caring people that eventually learn to forgive and love again.

What is the setting of the lottery Rose?

Set in Tampa, Florida, Newbery Award-winning American author Irene Hunt’s young adult novel, The Lottery Rose (1976), follows seven-year-old Georgie Burgess, a lonely boy from an abusive family who hides his pain and anguish by retreating into the wonderful world of secret rose gardens.

What happened to Robin in the lottery Rose?

The ducks push Robin and he begins to get afraid. Robin falls into the pond and drowns. At Robin’s grave, Georgie decides to plant his rosebush on Robin’s grave, not in the garden.

What happens at the end of the lottery Rose?

A final, near fatal beating by Steve sends him and the unplanted rose to a Catholic boarding school where he begins the road back to trusting people.
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Who is with Georgie at the end of the book?

In the end there are only two people without partners, Georgie and Jeanie the Meanie, so Georgie has to work with her.