What is there to do in Joshua Tree today?

Top Attractions in Joshua Tree

  • Joshua Tree National Park. 699. …
  • Joshua Tree Visitor Center. 351. …
  • Noah Purifoy Desert Art Museum. 129. …
  • World Famous Crochet Museum. Speciality Museums. …
  • Murtle the Turtle. Points of Interest & Landmarks • Monuments & Statues. …
  • Carey’s Castle. …
  • Joshua Tree Art Gallery. …
  • Mojave Guides.

What should you not miss at Joshua Tree?

27 Best Things to Do in Joshua Tree (in 2022)

  • Town of Joshua Tree.
  • Barker Dam Nature Trail.
  • Jumbo Rocks.
  • Stargazing.
  • Rock Climbing.
  • Fortynine Palms Oasis Trail.
  • Arch Rock.
  • Joshua Tree Music Festival.

Is now a good time to visit Joshua Tree National Park?

The best time to visit Joshua Tree National Park is March to May and October to November. Though the park is open year-round, temperatures are most comfortable in the spring and fall, with an average high of about 85 degrees.

How do I spend a day in Joshua Tree?

If you have only one day in Joshua Tree, here’s what I recommend:

  1. Sunrise in Cholla Cactus Garden.
  2. Sightseeing Joshua Tree’s Rock Formations.
  3. Morning Hike.
  4. Lunch in Town.
  5. Afternoon Hike.
  6. Sunset at Keys View.
  7. Dinner in Town.
  8. Stargazing (Optional)

What is there to do in Joshua Tree Besides the park?

Best Things to do in Joshua Tree Besides Hike

  1. Take in the Panoramic Scenery from Keys View.
  2. Go on a Tour of Keys Ranch.
  3. Camp Overnight and Stargaze.
  4. Check out the Cool Rock Formations.
  5. Go on a Rock Climbing Tour.
  6. Explore the Cholla Cactus Garden.
  7. Photograph the Alien-Like Landscape.
  8. Grab a Coffee from Joshua Tree Coffee Co.

How long is the drive through Joshua Tree?

Check out this 79.0-mile point-to-point trail near Joshua Tree, California. Generally considered an easy route, it takes an average of 28 h 22 min to complete.

What is Joshua Tree famous for?

This national park is famed for its incredible rock formations. One of the most famous is Arch Rock, which can be found at the end of a short 800-metre trail, located in the White Tank Campground.

What is unusual about Joshua tree?

Joshua Trees are an incredibly unusual looking tree, in part because they’re not actually a tree at all! They’re a plant belonging to the Yucca genus that happens to resemble the size and growth pattern of a tree.

How long should I spend at Joshua tree?

How much time do you need in Joshua Tree? To see the highlights of Joshua Tree National Park, you only need one day. If you want to explore the park’s backcountry or off-road drives, plan to spend at least 2 to 3 days in Joshua Tree.

What is best entrance to Joshua Tree National Park?

The main (preferred) entrance to the Park is in the town of Joshua Tree, but there are 3 entrances you can choose from:

  • West (Main) Entrance. Located off Hwy 62, in Joshua Tree @ Park Blvd. …
  • North Entrance. Located off Hwy 62, in 29 Palms (You’ll see the signs) …
  • South Entrance. Off Hwy 10 – East of Palm Springs/Indio.

What should I wear to Joshua Tree National Park?

Clothing and Footwear

In Joshua Tree’s desert environment, sun protection is essential. Wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing and a wide-brimmed hat. Apply sunscreen to all exposed skin. Some trails can be overgrown, so long or convertible pants are best to avoid scratches and protect against cactus spines.

What kind of shoes do you need for Joshua Tree?

Hiking Boots | Closed-toed shoes are a must in Joshua Tree. Instead of simply wearing sneakers, consider hiking boots.

Do you need bug spray in Joshua Tree?

Both Joshua Tree and Death Valley National Parks are mosquito and pest free (though rattlesnakes, scorpions, black widow spiders, bees and wasps are not uncommon).