What movie is gold on the ceiling in?

Use in popular media It is featured in TV shows, films and video games including NCIS, Suits, MLB 12: The Show, Battleship, Workaholics, Chuck, Point Break (2015), Ocean’s 8, Guitar Hero Live and the theatrical trailer for The Campaign in addition to appearing as downloadable content for Rocksmith and Rock Band 4.

What song is in the Boys Season 2 Episode 1?


Episode 1: Billy Joel, “Pressure”

Was Johnny Depp in the Black Keys?

The Black Keys were joined by a special guest for their performance at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, as Johnny Depp traded guitar licks with frontman Dan Auerbach on ‘Gold On the Ceiling’ and ‘Lonely Boy. ‘

Why are they called the Black Keys?

They got the name from a schizophrenic artist in Akron who called the two “the black keys,” a phrase he used to describe people who “weren’t quite right.” In four short years The Black Keys have released four critically-acclaimed albums. The duo’s most recent release, Magic Potion, is their debut for Nonesuch records.

Why are the Black Keys famous?

The Black Keys – Gold On The Ceiling (A Film By Harmony …

What movie was The Lonely Bull played in?

The song is featured during a montage sequence in Cameron Crowe’s film Jerry Maguire. It also appears in the Nicolas Cage film Matchstick Men, along with other jazz songs.

Who is the guy in the Lonely Boy video?

guard Derrick T. Tuggle

The promotional music video for “Lonely Boy” features actor, musician and part-time security guard Derrick T. Tuggle dancing and lip-syncing to the song in front of the Pepper Tree Motel in North Hollywood, a neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

What was Los Lonely Boys biggest hit?


Released as a single on January 26, 2004, “Heaven” reached the top 40 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart, peaking at 16 in August.