What nationality is Joy Reid?

Reid was born Joy-Ann Lomena in Brooklyn, New York City. Her father was from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and her mother a college professor and nutritionist from Guyana. Her parents met in graduate school at the University of Iowa in Iowa City. Reid was raised Methodist and has one sister and one brother.

Did Joy Reid have a baby?

Joy Reid and Jason Reid have a daughter and two sons. Their daughter’s name is Winsome Reid, and their sons are Nasir Reid and Jmar Reid. Jmar Reid works as a model and actor. As of 2022, Joy Reid’s house is on Manhattan’s Roosevelt Island.

How old are Joy Reid children?

Joy Reid, and her husband Jason, have 2 sons: Jamar and Nasir, and a daughter: Winsome. Their exact ages aren’t readily available, but by their pictures it looks like they range in age from 16-21 years old.

What is Joy Reid’s annual income?

Joy Reid earns $12 Million per year through her salary and royalty income from books.

Where is Jason Reid from?

Southern California

He began his professional journalism career covering prep sports for the newspaper. A native New Yorker, Reid was raised in Southern California and graduated from the University of Southern California’s School of Journalism.

Is Storm Reid African?

Early life. Reid was born in Atlanta, Georgia to parents Rodney and Robyn Simpson Reid. Both of her parents are African American.

What nationality is Jason from Jason vlogs?


At the same time, Pocket. watch has added another creator to its roster — the Netherlands-based YouTube phenom Jason Vlogs.