What other genres or subgenres has Current Value taken on?

What are the 5 subgenres?

This genre is often broken up into five subgenres: fantasy, historical fiction, contemporary fiction, mystery, and science fiction. Nonetheless, there are more than just five types of fiction, ranging from romance to graphic novels.

What are the three genres that are typically used today?

The three major genres are Prose, Drama, and Poetry.

Now, like I said within each of these genres there are several subgenres, but before we get to those let’s go ahead and define the main genres. First, Prose.

What are genres and subgenres?

A subgenre is a smaller and more specific genre within a broader genre. Each genre can contain several subgenres, and there can even be additional more niche types within other subgenres. Every primary genre can be thought of as a family with its various subgenres populating its family tree.

What are the 5 modern literary genres?

Poetry, fiction, nonfiction, drama, and prose are the five main genres of literature. Writers can then further categorize their literature into subgenres.

What are the 7 types of genre?

The Basic Film Genres

  • Action.
  • Comedy.
  • Drama.
  • Fantasy.
  • Horror.
  • Mystery.
  • Romance.
  • Thriller.

What are the 4 main genres of literature?

In the landscape of literature, there are four major genres: poetry, drama, fiction, and creative nonfiction. While there are certain key recognizable features of each genre, these are not so much rules as they are tools, or conventions, the author uses.

What are the top three selling genres on the market today?

Romance/Erotica ($1.44 billion). Crime/Mystery ($728.2 million). Religious/Inspirational ($720 million).

What are the latest literary genres?

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  • “Bad” Mothers. Umbrella genre: Literary.
  • Metatextual Mystery. Umbrella genre: Mystery.
  • Quozy Mystery. Umbrella genre: Cozy Mystery.
  • Folk Horror. Umbrella genre: Horror.
  • Foodie Romance. Umbrella genre: Romance.

What are modern genres?

Today’s music can be divided into any number of categories and subcategories, encompassing genres such as pop, jazz, rock, alternative, country, electronic, rap, and much more.

What are the 5 subgenres of nonfiction?

The 5 Kinds of Nonfiction include active, browsable, traditional, expository literature, and narrative nonfiction.

What are 6 genres?

There a six genres of writing: descriptive, expository, persuasive, narrative, technical and poetic.

How many subgenres are there?

For over a century, film has been one of the most popular forms of entertainment.