The Husband of Linda Ronstadt: A Look into Her Personal Life

Linda Ronstadt, the celebrated American singer, has left an indelible mark on the music industry with her exceptional talent and versatility. While her professional achievements have been widely recognized, her personal life has also piqued the curiosity of many. This article aims to provide insights into Linda Ronstadt’s relationships and her role as a mother. Drawing from reliable sources such as Smooth Radio, Wikipedia, and, we present a comprehensive exploration of her personal life.


Linda Ronstadt’s romantic journey has intertwined with several prominent individuals, generating public interest and fascination. Let us delve into some of the notable relationships she has had.

Jerry Brown

During the late 1970s and early 1980s, Linda Ronstadt was romantically involved with Jerry Brown, the Governor of California at the time. Their relationship captured the attention of the media and the public, given Brown’s high-profile political position.

Jim Carrey

In 1983, Ronstadt embarked on a brief romance with actor Jim Carrey, known for his comedic prowess. Their relationship lasted for approximately eight months, creating a buzz within the entertainment industry.

George Lucas

One of the significant chapters in Linda Ronstadt’s personal life was her engagement to George Lucas, the renowned director of the “Star Wars” franchise. From 1983 to 1988, Ronstadt and Lucas were engaged, attracting considerable media coverage due to their respective fame and accomplishments.


Linda Ronstadt’s journey as a mother began through adoption, showcasing her commitment to creating a loving and nurturing home environment.

Mary Clementine Ronstadt

In 1990, Ronstadt welcomed her first adopted child, Mary Clementine Ronstadt, into her family. The decision to adopt Mary Clementine exemplifies Ronstadt’s desire to provide a caring and supportive upbringing for her children.

Carlos Ronstadt

Expanding her family further, Linda Ronstadt adopted a baby boy named Carlos Ronstadt in 1994. This act of love and compassion demonstrated her dedication to motherhood and her commitment to creating a strong familial bond.


Linda Ronstadt’s personal life has been a subject of intrigue and fascination. Her relationships with notable figures such as Jerry Brown, Jim Carrey, and George Lucas have added layers of interest to her life story. Additionally, her decision to embrace motherhood through adoption and raise children like Mary Clementine and Carlos Ronstadt highlights her deep commitment to family and love.


The Husband of Linda Ronstadt: A Look into Her Personal Life

Who was Linda Ronstadt married to?

Linda Ronstadt never married. However, she was engaged to George Lucas, the director of the “Star Wars” franchise, from 1983 to 1988.

Did Linda Ronstadt have any children?

Yes, Linda Ronstadt has two adopted children. She adopted a daughter named Mary Clementine Ronstadt in 1990 and a son named Carlos Ronstadt in 1994.

Who were some of Linda Ronstadt’s notable relationships?

Linda Ronstadt had relationships with several notable individuals. She was romantically involved with Jerry Brown, who was the Governor of California at the time. Ronstadt also dated actor Jim Carrey for a period of eight months in 1983.

How long was Linda Ronstadt engaged to George Lucas?

Linda Ronstadt was engaged to George Lucas for a duration of five years, from 1983 to 1988.

Did Linda Ronstadt ever get married?

No, Linda Ronstadt never got married. Although she had several significant relationships and engagements, she never walked down the aisle.

When did Linda Ronstadt adopt her children?

Linda Ronstadt adopted her daughter Mary Clementine Ronstadt in 1990 and her son Carlos Ronstadt in 1994.

Are Linda Ronstadt’s adopted children biologically related to her?

No, Linda Ronstadt’s adopted children are not biologically related to her. She chose to expand her family through adoption and provide a loving home for children in need.

Did Linda Ronstadt prioritize her family over her career?

Linda Ronstadt has always valued both her family and her career. While she achieved immense success as a singer, she also made a conscious decision to embrace motherhood and create a nurturing environment for her children.