What size is Le Creuset 22?

Le Creuset Round Dutch oven sizes

Number Letter Capacity
20 C 2.75 qt.
22 D 3.5 qt.
24 E 4.5 qt.
26 F 5.5 qt.

What does Le Creuset 22 mean?

The two-digit numbers on Le Creuset cookware indicate the diameter of the piece in centimeters, not including the handles. To find out the size of your cookware just flip it over. For example, if you see the number 22 at the bottom of the pan, then the diameter of the piece is 22 centimeters measured from the inside.

How much does Le Creuset 22 hold?

3.5 quart

Furthermore, 2.5 quart side = 20, 3.5 quart size = 22, 5.5 quart size = 26, 7.25 quarts =28 and 9 quarts = 30.

What does 24 mean on Le Creuset?

Ever inherit a Le Creuset Dutch Oven and don’t know the capacity? You can measure with cups of water, pouring one at a time to gauge how much the pot can hold. Or you can also lift the lid and look for the stamped number. A 24 is a 5.5-quart (4.2-liter) round dutch oven.

What size is my Le Creuset?

The general rule of thumb is to plan for one quart per person, and then round up. One quart roughly translates into a typical serving size for most people. So for a family of four, you would want something that is a minimum of 4 quarts.

How many Litres is Le Creuset 22?

Le Creuset Classic Cast Iron Round Casserole, 22 cm – Cerise

Material Cast Iron
Capacity 3.3 litres
Colour Cerise
Finish type Enamel

How many quarts is a number 22 Le Creuset Dutch oven?

Le Creuset Saucepan sizes

Le Creuset #16 1.25 Quarts 1.2 Liters
Le Creuset #18 2 Quarts 1.8 Liters
Le Creuset #20 2.75 Quarts 2.5 Liters
Le Creuset #22 2.5 Quarts 2.3 Liters

How many quarts is Staub 22?

Staub Round Cocotte (Dutch Oven) Sizes

Size Quarts Liters
22 cms 8.7 inches 2.75 qt 2.8 ltr
24 cms 9.5 inches 3.3 qt 3.8 ltr
26 cms 10.2 inches 4.5 qt 5.2 ltr
28 cms 11 inches 6.25 qt 6.7 ltr

What size Dutch oven will feed a family of 4?

A 5–7 quart Dutch oven is the sweet spot for most home cooks. This size is great for cooking for four people (often with leftovers). Representatives from both Staub and Le Creuset tell us that their most popular size is 5 1/2-quarts, and that’s the size most Epi editors have at home, as well.

What is the most common size Dutch oven?

between 5 and 6 quarts

What is the average dutch oven size? The most common sizes are between 5 and 6 quarts. You’ll want to consider how you will use the dutch oven. Oval dutch ovens are less efficient on the stovetop, but they are better at accommodating roasts in the oven.

What do numbers mean on Le Creuset?

For many cookware companies, markings signify the company, the batch number, even the location where the piece was made. Le Creuset markings, on the other hand, tell you the size of your piece. When you turn your piece over, you’ll find a number on the bottom. That number tells you the diameter in centimeters.

What size is Staub 22?

Staub Round Cocotte (Dutch Oven) Sizes

Size Quarts Height
22 cms 8.7 inches 2.75 qt 15 cm 5.9 inches
24 cms 9.5 inches 3.3 qt 15.3 cm 6 inches
26 cms 10.2 inches 4.5 qt 17 cm 6.7 inches
28 cms 11 inches 6.25 qt 18.2 cm 7.2 inches

What does the numbers mean on cast iron?

The number on the handle

Skillets today are sold by diameter across the top – 10-inch, 12-inch, and so on. There is a reason for the stamped numbers that do refer to size, but by much different measurements. Originally, cast iron was made to fit wood stoves that were commonly used for cooking in the 1800s and 1900s.