What songs does Kesha sing at her concert?

Kesha, the renowned pop artist, has captivated audiences worldwide with her electrifying concerts. Her performances are a perfect blend of her popular hits and songs from her latest albums. With high-energy performances and engaging audience interaction, Kesha’s concerts are an unforgettable experience for fans. Let’s delve into the captivating world of Kesha’s concert performances.

The Only Love Tour and Kesha Live

Kesha has graced the stage on various tours, including the Only Love Tour and Kesha Live[3]. These tours have taken her to numerous cities worldwide, allowing fans from different regions to experience her energetic live performances.

Duration of Kesha’s Concerts

Kesha’s concerts are known for their immersive nature and extended duration. On average, her concerts span approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. This generous amount of time allows fans to fully immerse themselves in the musical journey created by Kesha and her talented team.

Varying Setlists

One of the exciting aspects of Kesha’s concerts is the ever-changing setlist. From tour to tour and even from show to show, Kesha keeps her fans on their toes by presenting unique combinations of songs. This ensures that each concert experience is fresh and exhilarating.

A Mix of Hits and Latest Album Tracks

Kesha’s setlist typically includes a dynamic mix of her greatest hits and tracks from her latest albums. Fans can expect to hear iconic songs like “Tik Tok,” “Die Young,” and “Praying,” alongside newer releases that showcase Kesha’s artistic growth and evolution.

High-Energy Performances and Audience Interaction

Kesha’s concerts are renowned for their high-octane energy. From start to finish, she delivers electrifying performances that leave the crowd energized and wanting more. Kesha’s infectious stage presence and charisma create an atmosphere of excitement and celebration. Furthermore, she actively engages with her audience, making them feel like an essential part of the experience.


Attending a Kesha concert is an extraordinary experience filled with a diverse setlist, high-energy performances, and memorable audience interaction. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to her music, Kesha’s concerts offer an immersive journey into her world of pop music. Get ready to sing along, dance, and create lifelong memories at a Kesha concert.


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What are some of Kesha’s popular songs that she performs at her concerts?

Kesha performs a mix of her popular hits at her concerts. Some of the songs that are often included in her setlist are “Tik Tok,” “Die Young,” “Praying,” “We R Who We R,” and “Your Love Is My Drug.”

Does Kesha include songs from her latest albums in her concert performances?

Yes, Kesha includes songs from her latest albums in her concert performances. Fans can expect to hear tracks from albums such as “Rainbow” and “High Road” during her live shows.

Are there any cover songs that Kesha performs during her concerts?

Yes, Kesha sometimes includes cover songs in her concerts. One notable cover song that she has performed is “Timber,” originally by Pitbull featuring Kesha.

Does Kesha change her setlist from show to show or tour to tour?

Yes, Kesha frequently changes her setlist from show to show and tour to tour. This allows her to keep the concert experience fresh and exciting for both herself and her fans.

How long does a typical Kesha concert last?

A typical Kesha concert lasts approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. This duration provides ample time for Kesha to showcase her energetic performances and entertain her audience.

Does Kesha interact with the audience during her concerts?

Yes, Kesha actively engages with the audience during her concerts. She makes the audience feel involved and creates a vibrant atmosphere through her interactions, ensuring a memorable experience for concert-goers.

Are there any encore performances in Kesha’s concerts?

Yes, Kesha often includes encore performances in her concerts. Fans can expect to hear additional songs after the main set, creating an exciting climax to the show.

Does Kesha perform songs from her earlier albums during her concerts?

Yes, Kesha includes songs from her earlier albums in her concert performances. This allows fans to enjoy a mix of her iconic hits from the past alongside her newer releases.