What style is this Louis Armstrong song?

What style of singing did Louis Armstrong sing?

scat singing

He was the first person to record the vocal style known as “scat singing.” His vocal phrasing and improvisation influenced every American popular singer that came after.

What style of jazz is Louis Armstrong?

Dixieland jazz swing

Louis Armstrong
Musical career
Genres Dixieland jazz swing traditional pop
Instrument(s) Vocals trumpet
Years active 1919–1971

What was unique about Louis Armstrong’s style of trumpet playing?

Armstrong vastly redefined the context in which the trumpet was played. His sense of rhythm and timing took jazz from a staid, 2/4 beat to a languid, more sophisticated 4/4 feel, paving the way for swing and for soloists to take center stage.

Did Louis Armstrong have perfect pitch?

Satchmo. He had perfect pitch and perfect rhythm. His improvised melodies and singing could be as lofty as a moon flight or as low-down as the blood drops of a street thug dying in the gutter. Like most of the great innovators in jazz, he was a small man.

Did Louis Armstrong do cool jazz?

Louis Armstrong and His Hot Five. Louis Armstrong and His Hot Seven.

Hot vs Cool.

Hot Jazz (Expressionism) Cool Jazz (Rationalism)
Hard touch Soft touch
4/4 time Odd time signatures
Blues influenced Classical influenced
Lots of improvisation More composition

Why was Louis Armstrong’s voice like that?

According to the biography Pops by Terry Teachout, Armstrong’s voice first became gravelly due to a prolonged cold playing jazz on a steamboat ca 1921. In 1936 and 1937, he had surgeries to try to repair his vocal cords, which had the opposite effect.

What was Louis Armstrong’s vocal range?

Singers / Musicians with a Baritone Vocal Range

Name: Voice Type Classification: Vocal Range:
Louis Armstrong† Baritone &18D2-B♭4
Harry Belafonte Baritone TBA
Nick Cave Baritone &15D2-B♭5
Gary Clail† Baritone TBA

Which of the following describes scat singing?

In vocal jazz, scat singing is vocal improvisation with wordless vocables, nonsense syllables or without words at all.