What was the first blues song?

The first hit blues recordings were instrumental renditions of the W.C. Handy composition, “Memphis Blues,” by Prince’s Orchestra (Columbia) and the Victor Military Band (directed by Walter Rogers), both of which were released in the fall of 1914.

Who was the very first blues singer?

It’s impossible to trace a first blues singer, but the first recorded blues musician, within the genre which today is recognized as blues, was probably Sylvester “Curly” Weaver, when he recorded Guitar Blues and Guitar Rag in 1923.

Who first made blues music?

The origins of the blues are poorly documented, but it is believed that after the American Civil War (1861–65), formerly enslaved African Americans and their descendants created this genre while working on Southern plantations, taking inspiration from hymns, minstrel show music, work songs and field hollers, ragtime,

Who is the father of blues?

For his efforts in making Blues famous, W.C. Handy is known as the “Father of the Blues.”

Who wrote the first popular blues song?

Not for one second did they think they were about to make history. They were simply there to play a song written by Perry Bradford, and ready to sing it with them was Mamie Smith. Called “Crazy Blues,” it is the first evidence of recorded blues.

Where is the birthplace of blues?

The Mississippi Delta

The Mississippi Delta: Birthplace of the Blues | Visit the USA.

Who was the first king of blues?

Albert King, original name Albert Nelson, (born April 25, 1923, Indianola, Mississippi, U.S.—died December 21, 1992, Memphis, Tennessee), American blues musician who created a unique string-bending guitar style that influenced three generations of musicians.