Where did Jerry Garcia die?

How long did the Dead live at 710 Ashbury?


1. 710 Ashbury Street – San Francisco, CA. This small Victorian house in San Francisco’s iconic Haight-Ashbury district was home to the Grateful Dead from 1966-1968.

What is Jerry Garcia estate worth today?

Jerry Garcia Net Worth

Net Worth: $15 Million
Date of Birth: Aug 1, 1942 – Aug 9, 1995 (53 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 9 in (1.778 m)
Profession: Musician, Guitarist, Artist, Songwriter, Film Score Composer, Singer-songwriter, Music artist

Who did Jerry Garcia leave his money to?

At the time of his death, his estate was valued at $15 million, and he was earning more than $2 million a year. Jerry Garcia left a simple will, executed May 12, 1994, that left most of his estate to his wife, Deborah Koons Garcia and his four daughters, all from previous relationships.

Did Jerry Garcia have stage fright?

I’m not a relaxed sort of person. I always have stage fright, I’m always nervous before a show. It only lasts until the show starts, but even so—I don’t think I would feel right if I weren’t that way, you know what I mean? Because fundamentally, it’s scary to go out in front of 18,000.

Did Jerry Garcia have a funeral?

After days of impromptu memorials, a private funeral was held Friday afternoon for Jerry Garcia in a church that shares the name of one of the Grateful Dead’s most beloved songs.
12 ав 1995

How long was Jerry in a coma?

Thirty-five years ago tonight, Jerry Garcia returned to the stage with the Grateful Dead after slipping into a coma for five days. After falling into a diabetic coma on July 10th, 1986, and even losing some key basic motor functions upon being revived, Garcia was forced to relearn to play the guitar.

How did Ron Pigpen McKernan die?

Following a hiatus, he resumed touring with the group in December 1971 but was forced to retire from touring altogether in June 1972. McKernan was found dead of a gastrointestinal hemorrhage on March 8, 1973, aged 27, and is buried at Alta Mesa Memorial Park in Palo Alto.

How much did Jerry Garcia’s Wolf sell for?


The money raised will go to the Southern Poverty Law Centre. Halligan bought Wolf for $1.9m, including the buyer’s premium, and had his $1.6m pre-premium bid matched by an anonymous charity. Garcia was the best-known member of the Grateful Dead and was known for his guitar sound.