Where did Waylon Jennings die?

Did Waylon ever quit smoking?

‘ ‘I had to change the way I eat. I quit smoking. That’s one of the great things that came out of this.
19 мая 1989

How much did Waylon Jennings guitar sell for?

Proceeds from the auction went to benefit the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. 1946 Martin D28 Herringbone Guitar. $26,000.

Where did Waylon live in Arizona?

Jennings moved to Coolidge, Arizona in 1961. He and his wife eventually made their way into the Valley, and Waylon worked odd jobs while working to build his career.

What was Waylon Jennings last words before he died?

Jennings told CMT.com that the brutal crash left scars that still haunted him 40 years after Holly’s death. Jennings never came to terms with his last words to Holly, the joking refrain, “I hope your ol’ plane crashes.”

Why is Waylon Jennings buried in Arizona?

He moved to the Southwest because his first wife Maxine had family there. A new club built in Scottsdale called JD’s was looking for a talented performer to pattern the club around, and Waylon became the guy.