Where is Elaine Arkansas?

What happened at Elaine Arkansas?

The Elaine massacre occurred on September 30–October 2, 1919 at Hoop Spur in the vicinity of Elaine in rural Phillips County, Arkansas. As many as several hundred African Americans and five white men were killed.

Who were the Elaine 12?

The twelve men were: Frank Moore, Frank Hicks, Ed Hicks, Joe Knox, Paul Hall, Ed Coleman, Alfred Banks, Ed Ware, William Wordlaw, Albert Giles, Joe Fox, and John Martin.

How many died in Elaine massacre?

Arkansas Gov. Charles Brough addresses a crowd in front of Elaine Mercantile in Elaine, Ark., after the Elaine massacre, circa 1919. The number of those killed in Elaine is disputed, but the generally accepted range is between 100 and 240 Black people and five white people.