Where was Bessie filmed?

Atlanta, GeorgiaAtlanta, Georgia.

When was Bessie filmed?


A project that began with an early draft from legendary playwright/screenwriter – and AFI Honorary Degree recipient – Horton Foote, the remarkable true story of “Empress of the Blues” Bessie Smith was ultimately brought to the screen by Queen Latifah and director Dee Rees.

Is Bessie based on a true story?

Yes. According to the account that Bessie’s niece, Ruby Walker, gave to biographer Chris Albertson, the real-life events played out almost exactly as they do in the HBO Bessie movie. In real life, they were at a house party when a drunk man with gold teeth grabbed Ruby’s arm and forced her to dance with him.

What happened to Bessie Smith son?

The courts remanded Jack, Jr. to Viola’s care, rather than to Smith’s. A short while later, Jack Jr. went to live with his biological father, who kept him in the basement and often forgot to feed him. The SPCC then sent the boy to a home in Valhalla, New York.

Did Queen Latifah really sing in Bessie?

That background is evident on the movie soundtrack “Bessie,” on which Latifah sings six of Smith’s most popular songs and “joins” her for a remastered duet of Smith’s classic “Gimme a Pigfoot and a Bottle of Beer.”

Was Bessie Smith rich?

Her family was extremely poor. Her father was a Baptist minister. Both of her parents died when she was young. Bessie and her brother Andrew made money for the family working as street performers.

What kind of cow is Bessie?

That sounds a lot like another popular nickname for cows, though. Bessie and Bess are other cow nicknames that evolved from Bos. While there isn’t a definitive origin for the change, Bessie has become a common variation for Bossy on American farms due to the corruption of the Latin word Bos.

What happens to Bessie native son?

Bessie is the girlfriend of Bigger, the main character in ”Native Son,” and ends up being murdered by him.

How accurate is the film Bessie?

Any biopic raises the question of how authentic the film was with its portrayal of the subject. Overall the consensus is that Bessie (2015) stays true to the root of Smith’s journey and character, though not always to the details exactly as they happened.

What year was Bessie Smith’s recording debut?


In 1923, Smith signed with Columbia Records. Her first recording was “Down-hearted Blues,” written by blues singer Alberta Hunter and pianist Lovie Austin. The 1923 song was a major hit and it launched Smith into the national spotlight.