Who is Little Richard married to?

What was little Richards net worth?

$40 Million

Although Little Richard recently died, with an estate estimated at $40 Million, it could have been much greater if he had made better business decisions. He sold the rights to his hit song, “Tutti Frutti”, to Specialty Records for $50 plus a half cent for each record sold.

Who inherited little Richards money?

son Danny

Little Richard most likely left the majority of his estate to his son Danny. There is also a good chance that religious charities will get some of his estate, since Richard may have decided to leave it all to one or more church organizations.

Is Little Richard still married?

He was married to Ernestine Campbell from 1959-1963 and never remarried after their separation — although he did have a relationship with dancer Audrey Robinson (stage name Lee Angel.)

Who did Little Richard have a baby by?

Danny Jones

Little Richard’s wife, Ernestine Harvin, met Little Richard in 1957 at a church rally. The two began dating and finally got married 2 years later. During their marriage, the two decided to adopt a one-year-old boy from a fellow churchgoer named Danny Jones, who became Little Richard’s only child.

What happened to Little Richard as a kid?

At the age of 13 Richard was ordered to move out of the family home, and his relationship with his father was never repaired. When Richard was 19, his father was shot dead outside a local bar. The childhood that Richard did manage to have was largely shaped by the church.

Did the Beatles ever meet Little Richard?

Not only did McCartney and Lennon get to meet their idol, but they also got to observe and spend time with Little Richard backstage. Little Richard would later recall helping McCartney hone his vocal style in the green room.