Who is the mother of Commons daughter?

Who is rapper Common baby mother?

He maintained an underground following into the late 1990s. He achieved mainstream success through his work with the Soulquarians.

Common (rapper)

Television The Chi America Divided Hell on Wheels
Partner Erykah Badu (2000–2002)
Children 1
Parent(s) Lonnie Lynn Jr. (father) Mahila Ann Hines (mother)

Why did Common name his daughter Omoye?

Speaking of his decision with his baby mama to give their daughter the name she bears, Common wrote in his book “Someday It’ll All Make Sense,” that “we named her Omoye Assata Lynn. Omoye means “blessed baby” because that’s what she was to us.

Does Common have kids?

Quote from video:

How did Common make his money?

Common’s first major-label studio album, “Like Water for Chocolate”, was his a major big financial success that also earned him international acclaim and fame. Common has gone on to carve out a successful career that includes acting, activism and endorsements.

Who Common has dated?

Common’s ex-girlfriends include Erykah Badu, Taraji P. Henson and Serena Williams. “He might be the type of person that never really settles with somebody, maybe he’s like, you know, like a bee going from flower to flower to flower,” she said.