Who is the only woman mentioned in Paul’s letter to Philemon?

Who is Philemon wife?


First, Theodore identifies Apphia as Philemon’s wife, and Archippus as their son, without expressing any doubt regarding these relationships (in Philm. 2, 782.6; 786.25).

Who is Paul talking to in Philemon 1?

To Philemon our beloved friend: Paul wrote to Philemon, a Christian brother living in Colosse. This is the only place in the New Testament where Philemon is mentioned by name, but we do know that he was a beloved friend to Paul.

Who are the main characters in the book of Philemon?

characters: Onesimus, the person who has done. wrong; Philemon, the person who has been wronged; and Paul, the person who is helping to reconcile the.

What is the purpose of Paul’s letter to Philemon?

Paul wrote to Philemon to encourage him to receive Onesimus back as a brother in the gospel without the severe punishments that would usually be inflicted on runaway slaves (see Philemon 1:17).

Is Philemon male or female?


The name Philemon is boy’s name of Greek origin meaning “kiss”.

Who was Philemon addressed to?

Paul the Apostle to Philemon, abbreviation Philemon, brief New Testament letter written by St. Paul the Apostle to a wealthy Christian of Colossae, in the ancient Roman province of Asia (now in western Turkey), on behalf of Onesimus, who was enslaved to Philemon and may have run away from him.

What was Paul’s relationship with Philemon?

Philemon is described as a “fellow worker” of Paul. It is generally assumed that he lived in Colossae; in the letter to the Colossians, Onesimus (the slave who fled from Philemon) and Archippus (whom Paul greets in the letter to Philemon) are described as members of the church there.

How was Philemon killed?

Saints Philemon and Apphia were stoned to death by order of the prefect. The memory of the holy Apostles Archippus, Philemon, and Apphia is celebrated also on February 19.

What happened between Philemon and Onesimus?

The traditional reading of the narrative supposes that, because slaves are to obey their masters, Onesimus made a mistake by running away from his master Philemon. Due to Philemon’s kindheartedness, Paul asks Philemon to forgive Onesimus and that the two resume their master-slave relationship.

Who converted Philemon?


Also Paul was the one who converts Philemon as Christian, so that Philemon would acknowledge Paul as “respected” authority. Paul’s personal visit to the group would influence my respond because of Paul’s authority to the group.

What does the word Philemon mean?

Loving, affectionate; Kiss

Popularity:9845. Origin:Greek. Meaning:Loving, affectionate; Kiss. If baby has Greek heritage, you’ll love this wonderfully rare boy’s name, meaning “loving” or “affectionate” as well as “kiss.” Philemon also has Christian Biblical origins as a friend of Saint Paul in the New Testament.

Who delivered the letter to Philemon?


Since Paul composed the letter to Philemon at the same time that he produced one for the Colossians, Paul dispatched the two letters together, with Onesimus and Tychicus as messengers.