Winner of Rockstar: INXS – J.D. Fortune

“Rockstar: INXS” was a television series that captivated audiences with its search for the next great rock vocalist. This article explores the winner of the show and their subsequent journey in the music industry.

The Show

“Rockstar: INXS” was the first season of the “Rockstar” television series. The show debuted on July 11, 2005, and aired on CBS. It aimed to find a lead vocalist for the renowned Australian rock band INXS. Produced by Mark Burnett, David Geffen, Lisa Hennessy, and Al Berman, the series showcased aspiring singers competing for the opportunity of a lifetime.

The Winner

After a fierce competition, J.D. Fortune emerged as the winner of “Rockstar: INXS.” On September 20, 2005, Fortune was announced as the chosen lead vocalist for INXS. This victory propelled him into the spotlight and opened doors to a promising career in the music industry.

Post-“Rockstar: INXS” Journey

Following his win, J.D. Fortune collaborated with INXS and released the studio album “Switch.” The album featured Fortune’s powerful vocals and marked a new era for the band. Songs like “Pretty Vegas” and “Afterglow” gained significant popularity and showcased Fortune’s talent and range as a frontman.

Challenges and Reconciliation

Despite the initial success, J.D. Fortune’s journey with INXS faced challenges. In 2009, Fortune claimed that the band left him at an airport after removing him from the lineup. However, the band refuted the claim, leading to a period of uncertainty and disagreement.

Fortunately, the two sides were able to reconcile, and Fortune rejoined the band. However, he was eventually replaced by Ciaran Gribbin. Despite the ups and downs, J.D. Fortune’s contribution to INXS during his tenure left an indelible mark on the band’s legacy.

Continued Musical Pursuits

Although his time with INXS came to an end, J.D. Fortune continued to pursue his passion for music. He embarked on a solo career and also fronted his own band, aptly named Fortune. Through solo releases and performances with his band, Fortune showcased his artistry and dedication to rock music.


J.D. Fortune’s victory in “Rockstar: INXS” catapulted him into the music industry, where he made a significant impact as the lead vocalist of INXS. While his time with the band had its challenges, Fortune’s talent and dedication to rock music have allowed him to continue his musical journey. The legacy of “Rockstar: INXS” lives on, showcasing the power of talent competitions in discovering exceptional artists.



Who won the first season of “Rockstar: INXS”?

J.D. Fortune was the winner of the first season of “Rockstar: INXS.” He emerged as the chosen lead vocalist for the Australian rock band INXS.

When was the winner of “Rockstar: INXS” announced?

The winner of “Rockstar: INXS” was announced on September 20, 2005, after a competitive season of the show.

What album did INXS release with J.D. Fortune as the lead vocalist?

Following the series, INXS released the studio album “Switch” with J.D. Fortune on lead vocals. The album showcased Fortune’s powerful singing style and marked a new chapter for the band.

Was there a second season of “Rockstar”?

Yes, there was a second season of “Rockstar” titled “Rockstar Supernova.” In this season, a newly formed supergroup chose Lukas Rossi as the lead singer.

In which countries did “Rockstar” have international versions?

“Rockstar” had international versions in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, and Canada, in addition to its original airing in the United States.

Who were the members of the house band on “Rockstar”?

The house band for the show was known as The House Band. It consisted of Paul Mirkovich, Jim McGorman, Rafael Moreira, Nate Morton, and Sasha Krivtsov.

Did J.D. Fortune continue his music career after “Rockstar: INXS”?

Yes, J.D. Fortune continued to pursue his music career. He embarked on a solo career and also fronted his own band named Fortune, showcasing his talent and passion for rock music.

What impact did J.D. Fortune’s win have on INXS?

J.D. Fortune’s win brought a renewed wave of success and revitalization for INXS. His participation in “Rockstar: INXS” and subsequent collaboration with the band helped to solidify their place in the music industry.