Who is Tucker Carlson’s parents?

How is Tucker Carlson related to the Swanson family?

In 1979, Carlson’s father married divorcée Patricia Caroline Swanson, an heiress to Swanson Enterprises, daughter of Gilbert Carl Swanson and niece of Senator J. William Fulbright.

What family owns Swanson frozen foods?

The TV dinner business is currently owned by Conagra Brands, while the broth business is currently owned by the Campbell Soup Company.


Type Private (1899–1955)
Fate Acquired by Campbell’s in 1955, became a brand
Headquarters Parsippany , U.S.
Products Frozen food, broth
Owner Campbell’s

Who owns the Swanson food company?

Having originated in the United States as a family-owned business, since 2019 the company has been a subsidiary of CJ CheilJedang of South Korea — with five major business units including Schwan’s Home Service, Schwan’s Consumer Brands, Schwan’s Food Service, Strategic Partner Solutions and SFC Global Supply Chain.

Who are the Swanson family?

Family Members

  • Parents. Dwain and Lana Swanson.
  • Children. Lauren Duggar, Lily Swanson, David Swanson, Lydia Swanson, Daniel Swanson, Dustin Swanson, Drew Swanson, Luci Swanson, Duke Swanson.
  • Grandchildren. Bella Duggar.