Who is Walter Brent in the Chrysalids?

Walter is another telepath. Early in the novel, before the members of the group learn each other’s names, one member disappears. Uncle Axel finds out for David that Walter died in an accident.

Who is Spider man in the Book of Chrysalids?

Gordon resembles his brother, Joseph, except that Gordon has extremely long arms and legs. At one point he is described as “the spidery man.” As a result, he was banished from Waknuk and cast out into the Fringes.

Who kills Alan in The Chrysalids?

Uncle Axel

Uncle Axel kills Alan when he learns that Alan knows about David and the other telepath’s abilities.

Is there a movie based on The Chrysalids?

It’s scheduled for release on January 25, 2019 by 20th Century Fox and Roadside Attractions.

The Chrysalids (film)

The Chrysalids
Written by Nicholas Kazan
Produced by Dean Devlin Peter Segal Michael Ewing

Is Jean a stronger telepath than Charles?


Unlike other powerful mutants like Professor Charles Xavier or Emma Frost who are forced to rely on the power-enhancing Cerebro device, Jean Grey has omega-level telepathy which allows her to mentally communicate with anyone across the planet.

Is Kerrigan a telepath?

Kerrigan was placed within a chrysalis by the creature Abathur. The process was painful, and she suffered much physical damage. She was entrusted to the care of a cerebrate and its brood, and was taken to Char, where her telepathic powers reached out and contacted Mengsk and Raynor.

Who were the old people and what were they like in The Chrysalids?

Old People is the term used to describe the people who lived before Tribulation. Very little is known about them, but the Waknukian religion holds that Waknukians should model their lives after the Old People.

What does Sophie represent in The Chrysalids?

Sophie is a symbol of all the children whose lives have been ruined by Waknuk’s no-tolerance policy against mutants. She is raised to distrust anyone outside her family, and for good reason. As soon as her small mutation becomes common knowledge, she is hunted down and forcibly sterilized.

What type of character is David in The Chrysalids?

David, the protagonist of the story and a telepath, is supported by the audience for showing his bravery in attempting to escape, but there is more to David that makes him an agreeable character.