Who was in the group Danity Kane?

Are Aubrey and Aundrea still friends?

‘But Aubrey and Aundrea aren’t going anywhere. I love every minute I spend with her in the studio. ‘It may not be Danity Kane but it is the best of Danity Kane’. However, Aundrea pulled out of a scheduled appearance at the last moment leaving her drama queen pal in the lurch and sending her into an emotional crisis.

What happened to Aundrea Fimbres?

Since leaving the group, Fimbres hasn’t released any solo music and instead appears to be focusing solely on her family. In 2015, she appeared on Richard’s third studio album Blackheart on the song “Phoenix.”

What happened to day26?

The original lineup consisted of Robert Curry, Brian Angel, Willie Taylor, Qwanell “Que” Mosley and Michael McCluney. They released two successful albums after being signed to Bad Boy by Diddy but later broke up quite unexpectedly. The group then went their separate ways before reuniting again in 2014.

How do you pronounce Aundrea?

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