Who writes Fall Out Boy’s?

Pete WentzPete WentzPete WentzPeter Lewis Kingston Wentz III (born June 5, 1979) is an American musician best known as the bassist and lyricist for the rock band Fall Out Boy since 2001. Before Fall Out Boy, Wentz was a fixture of the Chicago hardcore scene and was the lead singer and songwriter for Arma Angelus, a metalcore band.

What FOB songs did Patrick write?

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  • Alone Together (Fall Out Boy song)
  • Alpha Dog (song)
  • America’s Suitehearts.
  • American Beauty/American Psycho (song)

What genre is blink182?

pop punk

Blink-182’s musical style is mainly considered pop punk, a genre that combines influences of pop music with traditional punk rock.

Why did Fall Out Boy break up?

Quote from video:

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