Who wrote the song I drive your truck?

What’s the story behind I Drive Your Truck?

As the story unfolded, Sergeant First Class Jared Monti was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for running out three times into a barrage of bullets and grenades. On his last attempt to save a fellow soldier, he was killed. The song, “I Drive Your Truck,” is a poignant reminder of Jared Monti’s heroism and valor.

Is the song I Drive Your Truck a true story?

The true story behind Lee Brice’s 2013 country hit is so powerful that it’s hard for its songwriters to discuss without getting choked up. Connie Harrington was listening to NPR when she heard an interview with a father whose son had died while serving in Afghanistan.

What songs did Lee Brice wrote for other artists?

Lee is a sought after songwriter, having written songs for other artists, including:

  • “More Than A Memory” (Garth Brooks)
  • “Not Every Man Lives” (Jason Aldean)
  • “Seven Days” (Kenny Chesney)
  • “Crazy Girl” (Eli Young Band)
  • “Still” (Tim McGraw)
  • “You’ll Always Be Beautiful” (Blake Shelton)

Is I Drive Your Truck about his dad?

A Songwriter And An Army Dad Share One Touching Story The song “I Drive Your Truck” is a No. 1 country hit. It began with a father’s remembrance of his son, who was killed in action in Afghanistan — and a songwriter who just happened to be listening.

Who got kicked out of drive By Truckers?

Isbell replied that if the band was going to tour under the name Drive-By Truckers, he wasn’t going to miss even one show. Cooley then called Isbell and said, as Isbell recalls, “that isn’t going to work for us.” He was forced out.

Which of the truck is driving puzzle?

Trucks don’t drive, drivers drive. None of the “trucks” are driving.. Its just a drawing.

Who is the most famous truck driver?

Famous Truck Drivers

  • Liam Nesson. This actor is best known for playing in Star Wars, The Commuter, and Schindler’s List.
  • Elvis Presley. Did you know that the King of Rock n’ Roll himself was a truck driver?
  • Jason Aldean.
  • James Cameron.
  • Closing.

What was the original convoy song about?

Attributed to singer-songwriter C.W. McCall — a character originally invented and performed by advertising executive Bill Fries for a bread company’s ad campaign — the song tells a tale of truck drivers protesting government regulations on a struggling industry.

Did Kris Kristofferson drive the truck?

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What truck is Tim McGraw talking about?

In country music superstar Tim McGraw’s song “7,500 OBO,” he sings about his beloved Ford F-150 that he’s selling. We’ve all owned that one car or truck that holds a special place in our hearts, and this was his. In the Top-40 country song, though, he’s not selling his F-150 truck because he doesn’t love it.