Why did Emily Grierson not pay taxes?

Emily Grierson did not even pay her taxes because the old mayor Colonel Satoris claimed that her father loaned money to the town and she did not have to pay taxes for the rest of her life (731).

What does Miss Emily refuse to pay?

Miss Emily refuses to pay her taxes; she will not even allow postal numbers to be put on her house, a symbolic gesture on her part to resist what the town sees as progress.

What do the taxes symbolize in A Rose for Emily?

The taxes are can be seen as symbols of death. The initial remission of Miss Emily taxes is a symbol of the death of her father. It’s also a symbol of the financial decline the proud man must have experienced, but kept hidden from Emily and the town, until his death.

How does Emily respond when asked to pay taxes?

No one knew of the deal between Colonel Sartoris and Miss Emily, so she was eventually expected to pay her taxes. She responds by ignoring the notices and refusing to pay.

Why was Emily a hereditary obligation?

The “hereditary obligation” began in 1894 when Emily’s father died. Apparently, Emily’s father left her the house, but no money. Colonel Sartoris, the mayor of the town, devised a scheme for not making Miss Emily pay taxes on her house, while not making her feel like she was being offered charity.

Why does Miss Emily believe she does not have to pay taxes in Jefferson?

I have no taxes in Jefferson” (2). Miss Emily insists that she does not owe the town any money because Sartoris did not make her family pay any taxes. Miss Emily has been so out-of-touch with the town and the people who live in it that she has no idea that Colonel Sartoris has been dead for some time.

When Miss Emily was about forty What had she done to earn money?

When Miss Emily was about forty, what had she done to earn money? Miss Emily gave china-painting lessons. In Part V, who returns to hold Miss Emily’s funeral?

What did Miss Emily refuse to change?

Emily refused to show change even with something as simple as mail delivery: ”When the town got free postal delivery, Miss Emily alone refused to let them fasten the metal numbers above her door and attach a mailbox to it. She would not listen to them.

Why does Miss Emily refuse to accept her father’s death?

When her father dies, Miss Emily cannot face the reality of his death and her loneliness. Because she has no one to turn to — “We remembered all the young men her father had driven away . . .” — for three days she insists that her father is not dead.

What kind of deal does Miss Emily make with the former mayor?

‘ The no-tax deal was intended to go into effect upon Emily’s father’s death and would continue indefinitely. No one really believed that Sartoris could make this happen, except Emily. When Emily’s father dies 10 years after Colonel Sartoris, Emily stops paying taxes.

What does Miss Emily purchase at the druggist pharmacist?

Miss Emily buys rat poison from the druggist. The cousins leave. Homer returns; he is never seen again. A foul odor emanates from Miss Emily’s house.

What was the smell in A Rose for Emily?

Little did they know that they were covering up the smell of a dead body. This again goes back to the fact that Miss Emily cannot accept change.

What caused the smell around Emily’s house?

After Miss Emily’s father had died and Homer left her, the house began to have an awful smell to it.