Why is Fred Hollows a hero?

Kiwi eye surgeon Fred Hollows dedicated his life to restoring sight to the needlessly blind. He was determined to end avoidable blindness, as are we. Fred Hollows restored sight to thousands of people around the world and trained countless eye doctors to do the same.

What does the Fred Hollows Foundation do?

We focus on preventable and treatable diseases such as cataract, trachoma and diabetic retinopathy. Our in-country work involves local training and providing affordable technology, so doctors, nurses and health care workers can recognise, diagnose, refer and treat eye problems in their communities.

Who funds the Fred Hollows Foundation?

The Foundation is fortunate to receive support from two funding schemes from UK aid from the British people. The UK’s aid program aims to end extreme poverty around the globe through its work with disease, mass migration, insecurity and conflict.

How many people did Fred Hollow help?

The Fred Hollows Foundation now works in more than 25 countries and has restored sight to over two million people worldwide. This has been achieved with the overwhelming support of our donors.