Tool’s Music on iTunes: Release and Availability

Tool’s Digital Debut: Bringing their Captivating Music to iTunes

Tool, the renowned American rock band known for their intricate and captivating music, has made an exciting announcement that will delight their devoted fanbase and music enthusiasts alike. After years of anticipation, Tool has finally decided to bring their entire catalog, including albums like “Undertow,” “Ænima,” and “Lateralus,” to digital and streaming services, including Apple Music and iTunes.

Tool: An Introduction to the Band

Tool is an influential rock band that originated in Los Angeles, California in the early 1990s. Known for their distinctive blend of grungy, angst-ridden alt-metal, prog metal, space rock, stoner metal, and post-rock influences, Tool has carved out a unique place in the music industry.

Tool’s Discography: A Legacy of Masterpieces

Tool’s albums have been released less frequently over time, with notable gaps between releases. Their most recent album, “Fear Inoculum,” was released in 2020, marking a significant 13-year hiatus since their previous album. Despite the lengthy gaps, each album in Tool’s discography has been highly anticipated and has garnered critical acclaim.

Tool’s Digital Debut: A Long-Awaited Move

Tool has maintained a loyal fanbase throughout their career, with fans eagerly awaiting their music’s availability on digital and streaming platforms. The band’s decision to make their music accessible on iTunes and other streaming services marks a significant shift and an acknowledgment of the evolving music landscape.

Announcement on Social Media: Spreading the News

The news of Tool’s catalog becoming available on Apple Music and iTunes was officially announced on the band’s Twitter account. Fans were ecstatic to learn that they would soon be able to access Tool’s entire discography conveniently and enjoy their favorite tracks on-demand.

Tool’s Strategic Move: Simultaneous Release and Promotion

Tool’s decision to release their music on iTunes and other streaming services coincides with the promotion of their highly anticipated upcoming album, “Fear Inoculum.” The album’s release date has been set for August 30th, 2024, and the availability of Tool’s catalog on streaming platforms will undoubtedly generate momentum and excitement surrounding the band’s new release.


Tool’s decision to release their music on iTunes and other streaming services is a significant milestone for the band and their fans. This long-awaited move will enable a wider audience to discover and appreciate Tool’s unique musical style, while also satisfying the cravings of devoted fans who have been eagerly awaiting this breakthrough in the band’s digital presence.


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Will Tool’s entire catalog be available on iTunes?

Yes, Tool has made the decision to bring their entire catalog, including albums like “Undertow,” “Ænima,” and “Lateralus,” to iTunes. Fans will have access to all of Tool’s music in digital format.

When will Tool’s music be available on iTunes?

Tool’s music is already available on iTunes. The band made the announcement that their catalog would be released on digital and streaming platforms, including iTunes, and fans can now enjoy their music on the platform.

Is Tool’s music available for streaming on Apple Music?

Yes, Tool’s music is available for streaming on Apple Music. Fans can listen to their favorite Tool songs, albums, and playlists on the streaming platform alongside their entire discography.

Can I listen to Tool’s music on other streaming services besides iTunes and Apple Music?

Yes, Tool’s music is available on various streaming services besides iTunes and Apple Music. Fans can find their music on platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and more.

Will Tool’s new releases be available on iTunes?

Yes, Tool’s new releases, including their upcoming album “Fear Inoculum,” will be available on iTunes. The band’s decision to release their entire catalog on digital platforms includes their new music as well.

Can I purchase Tool’s music individually on iTunes?

Yes, fans have the option to purchase individual songs or albums from Tool’s catalog on iTunes. They can choose to buy their favorite tracks separately or the complete albums according to their preference.

Can I download Tool’s music from iTunes for offline listening?

Yes, with iTunes, users have the ability to download Tool’s music for offline listening. Once the music is downloaded onto their device, they can enjoy it without an internet connection, providing convenience for on-the-go listening.

Will Tool’s music on iTunes include any exclusive bonus content?

While specific details about bonus content may vary, Tool’s music on iTunes generally includes the standard album tracks. Any exclusive or bonus content, such as additional songs or special editions, will be mentioned and made available separately, if applicable.