Acoustic Guitar – how do I connect a Boss Looper pedal with a Zoom AC3 and a Fishman Amp

How do you connect a looper pedal to a guitar and amp?

Quote from video: So you plug one end of the cable into the effects loop send that's coming out of your preamp you plug the other end of that cable into the input of the looper pedal.

Can you use a loop pedal with an acoustic guitar?

When used properly, a looper can transform the sound of your acoustic guitar into something new and beautiful, while making your performances more dynamic. It is also a great tool for learning and understanding the structure of music and orchestration, as you can hear different layers at the same time.

How do you connect an amp to a pedal?

Take your first amp lead and plug it into the input port on your amplifier. Connect the other end of this lead to the output port on your pedal. Now take your second lead and plug it into the input port on your pedal, connecting the other end to the main jack output on your guitar.