Aerosmith Song “The Movie” has a woman speaking, what is she saying?

Who is Aerosmith singing about in Dude Looks Like a Lady?

Poking fun at Vince Neil was the inspiration for this song, but Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler is a dude who has also looked like a lady. Tyler has worn feminine clothes on stage since the ’70s.

What is the story behind sweet emotion?

Frontman Steven Tyler wrote the track about how frustrated he felt with the situation in the band at the time. Famously, the band were doing a lot of drugs, and this led to boiling tensions, particularly between ‘The Toxic Twins’, Tyler and Perry.

What is the importance of 1986’s Walk This Way?

“Walk This Way” became the first rap song to be played on mainstream rock radio. It also revived Aerosmith’s career.

Who is dude looks like a lady based on?


AEROSMITH SONGWRITER: VINCE NEIL WAS INSPIRATION FOR ‘DUDE (LOOKS LIKE A LADY)’ Famed songwriter Desmond Child revealed that his collaboration with Aerosmith on the 1987 classic, “Dude (Looks Like A Lady)” was inspired by Motley Crue’s Vince Neil.

Who is the girl in Aerosmith amazing video?

Alicia Silverstone

So the band needed a real hit – a chance to show off the Aerosmith feel and the Aerosmith luster. They got it with a little help from a rising star named Alicia Silverstone, star of The Crush, a trashy erotic thriller about a murderous teen with a deadly fixation on her sweaty-looking grown-up neighbor Cary Elwes.

Who is the singer Lizzie?

Elisabeth Corrin Maurus (born November 21, 1982), known as Lissie, is an American singer-songwriter. She released her debut EP, “Why You Runnin'”, in November 2009. Her debut album, Catching a Tiger, was released in June 2010. Her second studio album, Back to Forever, was released in October 2013.

Why did Sweet split up?

Manager David Walker issued a prepared statement to the press saying that the break up was due to musical differences. “Well, I would have, in fact, left two years before I did, but I just stuck out to tour – out of loyalty I suppose Brian added.

Did Aerosmith write Sweet Emotion?

“Sweet Emotion” is a song by the American rock band Aerosmith from the band’s third album Toys in the Attic. It was released as a single on May 19, 1975.

Sweet Emotion.

“Sweet Emotion”
Songwriter(s) Steven Tyler Tom Hamilton
Producer(s) Jack Douglas
Aerosmith singles chronology

When did Steven Tyler write Sweet Emotion?

May 19th, 1975 #Aerosmith releases the single for ‘Sweet Emotion’. Written by Steven Tyler, Tom Hamilton and Jack Douglas and at the Record Plant. ‘Sweet Emotion’ was released as a single on May 19, 1975, and peaked at #36 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming the band’s breakthrough single and their first Top 40 hit!

Was Alicia Silverstone in an Aerosmith music video?

Alicia Silverstone is widely credited for popularizing navel piercing due to her prominent role in the Aerosmith music video, “Cryin”, where her rebellious character gets her navel pierced.

Does Chris Tomlin sing with Lady A?

Chris Tomlin – ‘Who You Are To Me’ (ft. Lady A) (Story Behind The Song) | 104.1 The Fish – Portland, OR.

What Aerosmith videos did Alicia Silverstone star in?

Silverstone had starred in two Aerosmith videos prior to “Crazy”: “Cryin” and “Amazing.”

Was Josh Holloway in the Aerosmith Cryin video?

Aerosmith: Cryin’ (Music Video 1993) – Josh Holloway as Thief – IMDb.

Did John Lennon like Aerosmith?

One of the bands that came up time and time again was Aerosmith and ‘Dream On. ‘ Even at that age, many, many moons ago now, I was a huge fan of Aerosmith and Steven Tyler. I thought he wrote great melodies. If you get into the lyrics, you realize he is a very insightful man.

Why was Aerosmith Cancelled?

Aerosmith cancels final shows of the year, citing Steven Tyler’s health concerns. LAS VEGAS – Aerosmith has canceled its final shows of 2022, due to concerns about frontman Steven Tyler’s health.