Changing the timing of a phrase

How do you change the time in reported speech?

But if we report something at a different time, we need to change time words. Look at these example sentences: He said: “It was hot yesterday.” → He said that it had been hot the day before. He said: “We are going to swim tomorrow.” → He said they were going to swim the next day.

What is the time change into indirect speech?

Today changes into that day or the same day. Yesterday changes into the day before or the previous day.. This week/month/year into that or the same week/month/year. Next week/month/year into the following week/month/year.

How do you change now in indirect speech?

Fourth, the adverb `now` has been changed to `then`, i.e.; a word showing closeness in time is changed to a word showing distance. The word `that` has been added after the reporting verb `said`. So, we change the person of the pronoun and the tense of the verb and the adverb when we change from Direct to Indirect.