Do 1/2 size violins sound at normal pitch?

Yes, they are tuned at the same pitch. 

Do smaller violins sound different?

Smaller violins tend to have a much less full sound, since there is less room for the sound to resonate.

Does violin size affect sound?

The researchers found that a key feature affecting a violin’s sound is the shape and length of its “f-holes,” the f-shaped openings through which air escapes: The more elongated these are, the more sound a violin can produce.

What age is 1 2 size violin for?


A ½ size violin is 52 centimeters (or 20 inches) long and best suited for players with an arm’s length of 51 centimeters (or 20 inches). Children around ages 7-9 typically use half-size violins.

Is it OK to play on a smaller violin?

Yes, they can. As a teacher, I have regularly played on everything from full-size to 1/16-size instruments when demonstrating for my students. But ideally one should play on the right size violin for their hand and body size.

Can adults use 1 2 size violin?

Most adults (and some children from around age 10) will require a full-size violin. It depends on the length of your arm and what you feel you can hold comfortably.

What size violin do I need?

VIOLIN SIZE LENGTH (Neck to wrist)
1/2 48.5 cm,19 inches
3/4 52 cm, 20 ½ inches
4/4 54 cm, 21 ¼ inches

How can you tell if a violin is too small?

Look for these problems to know if the violin is too small:

  1. Very large bend in the left elbow while playing.
  2. Intonation becomes a bit skewed (but it wasn’t before)
  3. Odd angle of the bow arm might cause the bow to hug the fingerboard (but it didn’t before)

Does the size of a violin matter?

While the different violin sizes may seem like a minor detail, they can actually make a big difference in how well the instrument sounds and how comfortable it is to play.

What does playing the smallest violin mean?

Noun. world’s smallest violin. (humorous) A notional violin that plays tragic music for the afflicted; used in dismissive responses to complaints of woe.

How do you tell if you need a bigger violin?

Quote from video: We ask the student to extend their arm out palm facing up if their hand can curl around the scroll and touch the peg box. There's usually the right size for them. We also look for a 90 degree angle in