Does a fiddle leaf fig need drainage?

Drainage is vital to a fiddle leaf. If you don’t have a hole at the bottom of your pot, then the water can pool inside and cause the roots to rot, which can kill your plant. Fiddle leaves don’t like to stay soggy. 

Why is my Fiddle Leaf Fig top-heavy?

Because most of our beloved FLFs live inside, they don’t get a chance to strengthen their trunks with air flow. This can eventually lead to a leaning Fiddle Leaf Fig through the weight of their enormous leaves. FLFs naturally grow larger and larger leaves higher up, which adds to their top-heavy nature.

What happens if you top a Fiddle Leaf Fig?

Cutting the top of the fiddle leaf fig will keep it short and encourage side branches to grow, creating a more compact look. Pruning it heavily on one side helps give a balanced look if the fiddle leaf fig is lopsided.

Can I cut the top off my fig tree?

Yes, you can over prune a fig tree but they are quite resilient so shouldn’t suffer too greatly from a more aggressive pruning so long as you do so in the dormant period. Avoid pruning more than 25 per cent of the over all tree in a single year to keep it healthy.