Does the Thunderbird actually need special strings?

Is Thunderbird bass good for metal?

CONSENSUS The Thunderbird bass is highly praised for its punchy sound, making it suitable for heavy metal, rock, punk, or other loud genres.

What kind of bass is a Thunderbird?

The Gibson Thunderbird is an electric bass guitar made by Gibson and Epiphone.

Gibson Thunderbird.

Thunderbird bass
Body Mahogany
Neck Maple or mahogany
Fretboard Rosewood or ebony

Is the Epiphone Thunderbird bass active or passive?

The Thunderbird Pro-IV is Epiphone’s version of an active pickup bass. It requires a 9-volt battery located in the back to power the two Epiphone Humbucker Pickups.

How many frets does an Epiphone Thunderbird have?


Frets: 20-medium jumbo. Nut Width: 1.73″ Neck Pickup: Epiphone TB Plus bass humbucker. Bridge Pickup: Epiphone TB Plus bass humbucker.

Can you Djent on a bass?

Just like djent guitars, djent bass deserves a thorough, extensively detailed editing session. As a genre that prides itself on accuracy and consistency, your bass performance needs to line up perfectly with guitar tracks and the grid.

What bass strings does Gary Willis use?

Gary Willis uses his signature model Ibanez fretless 5-string bass guitar, Aguilar Amplifiers and D’Addario strings.

What is Thunderbird bass good for?

I think they’re really great for playing straight ahead basslines with the bass worn really low. And they get a cool sound with a pick. Most of the bass players who do use Thunderbirds seem to fit into this category.

What kind of bass pickups are good for metal?

What are the Best Bass Pickups for Metal?

  • Seymour Duncan SPB-3 Quarter Pounder Bass Pickups (Our Pick)
  • EMG- GZR P-Style Bass Pickups (Best Value)
  • Fishman Fluence Soapbar Bass Pickups (Premium Option)
  • EMG DE Set David Ellefson Bass Pickup Set.
  • Seymour Duncan Blackouts Bass Pickups.

What kind of bass is used in metal?

The bass is also used a solo instrument in some metal styles. While four-string basses (tuned E, A, D, G from lowest string to highest string) are the most common, since the 1990s, some metal bassists have used five-string basses for added lower range—a low “B”.

What bass is used in metal?

If you’re looking for a bass that can handle the demands of metal, then a Fender bass is the perfect choice. A vintage style bass guitar, such as the Fender Precision, can be used by many metal genres.

What bass does Rammstein use?

Oliver has his own Sandberg California PM signature. It adopts the “Hardcore Age” unstructured finish. Plate is available in five colors, but he mainly uses the black one in concert.

Sandberg California PM Oliver Riedel signature.

Scale Length 34″ / 86,4cm
Body Alder
Neck Maple
Fret board Maple

Do metal bassists use distortion?

Distortion on bass guitars is a natural and undisputed part of both rock & metal culture. Driven bass tones are moving audiences for decades. From legends such as John Entwistle and Cliff Burton to today’s prog-djent senseis like Nolly Getgood or Amos Williams.